Best Villager to Level Up in Minecraft

Villager professions

In Minecraft, villagers can have 14 unique professions depending on the nearest workstation block. Once a villager picks up a profession, they can trade with players. Every villager starts with Novice level, where they only have two trades. Players can level up villagers to unlock more trades. This article talks about the best villagers to level up in Minecraft.

Villagers Worth Levelling Up in Minecraft

Armorer, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith

Level up these villagers

When it comes to villager trading, Armorer, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith have lots of similarities. All three can offer diamond gear trades at Expert and Master levels. Moreover, they can also purchase iron ingots from players, which is one of the best trades for farming emeralds.

Players can level up Armorer to unlock diamond armor trades, Toolsmith to unlock diamond tool trades, and finally, Weaponsmith to unlock diamond weapon trades. As a bonus, almost all diamond gears come with enchantments.

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Farmer villager

Farmer’s trades are all related to crops and food items. As a farmer levels up, they will be able to buy melons and pumpkins. Melons and pumpkins are easy to farm and can be sold to farmers for emeralds. Players can also buy food like bread and golden carrots from farmers.


Librarians deal with book-related items such as enchanted books, bookshelf, and papers. Players can get a total of three enchanted book trades by levelling up just one librarian. At the Master level, librarians start to sell name tags.

If a librarian unlocks both bookshelf and book trade, players can exploit the trading system and get almost infinite emeralds. Trading with librarians is an efficient way to earn emeralds in Minecraft.

All of the above-mentioned villager professions are worth levelling up in Minecraft. Players can also purchase valuable items from them or sell cheap items to earn some shiny green emeralds.

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Best Villager to Level Up in Minecraft


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