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How to Open the Dance Hall in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Open the Dance Hall in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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There is a new hotspot in Hello Kitty Island Adventure where everyone goes to party, and it is your job to get it up and running! The Dance Hall has a robot band and a huge dance floor, but nothing seems to work at first… There are a few steps to go before you can get it working, but once you do, it will be full of dancing friends every night. Let’s find out how to get the Dance Hall open in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

How to unlock the Dance Hall in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

The very first thing to do is to head over to Gemstone Town and speak to Pekkle. When you reach friendship level 5, you unlock the Bring Back the Swing quest! Speak to him about the Dance Hall, then meet him inside, so he can show you around.

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Inside the Dance Hall, you can see nothing is powered up, so your next task is to find the right Power Crystals to get it going. The Dance Hall needs Purple Power Crystals to work properly, so you might have found them already. If you have them in your inventory, then just place them in the right place in front of the robot band! If you haven’t found them yet, they can be discovered by using the sensor. Each crystal is found around the desert area:

  • By a pond, northeast of the Dance Hall;
  • Northeast of the Fast Travel point nearby, right from the path and past two wooden bridges;
  • South of the Fast Travel point, between bridges near a stone arch.
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The last task for Pekkle is to hand out invitations to a dance and get all your friends to come at nighttime! Once the invites are handed out, you have to speak to Pekkle at night, so you may need to change the time of day. To do this, just go to a bed in a Visitor Cabin and sleep until night before going to see him.

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When you reach level 7 with Chococat, you get another Dance Hall quest: Reboot The Robots. This quest can only be done in the morning, so you can change the time of day by sleeping in a bed again. When it is morning, you should speak to Chococat at the Dance Hall again, and he will task you with the job of finding Floppy Disks to reboot the robots! These disks are found scattered around Gemstone Town and are small, squared, and yellow. As soon as you have them all, you can return to the Dance Hall and complete the quest.

Now, every time you go to the Dance Hall at night, you can party with all your friends in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

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How to Open the Dance Hall in Hello Kitty Island Adventure