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Best Gifts for Every Character in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Check out our guide to find out which are the best gifts to give each character in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Part of the Hello Kitty Island Adventure magic is making friends and building relationships with every character you meet. It starts on the airplane during the journey to the island as you introduce yourself to each adorable animal, and continues as you all settle into island life. Each character in Hello Kitty Island Adventure has specific likes and if you give them the right gifts your friendship can grow and grow!

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure Gift Guide

Each time you give a character a gift they love your friendship level will increase. As you level up you will gain extra special gifts as a reward, some of which can be used as gifts for other characters. Speak to each character individually and ask for hints about gift-giving to see if they can tell you what other characters will enjoy.

You can also access your Friends information via your Phone. Tap on your Phone then on Friends, and read information on each by tapping on their portrait. From there you can see what level friendship you have reached, the daily gifts you can gain, their likes, and any bonuses you receive when you reach certain levels.

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CharacterImageFavorite Gifts
Hello KittySweet fruits, baked goods, fancy items.
ChococatBooks, chocolate, mechanical things and inventions.
PekkleCrystals, mountain bugs, musical instruments or music boxes.
HangyodonFish, ocean items, books.
PompompurinCrystals, milk, frozen desserts.
KeroppiWood, bugs, swamp items.
RetsukoIngots, instruments, hot items like hot food or magma blooms.
CinnamorollChocolate, coffee, spicy food.
My MelodyCandy and other sweet things, fruits, dreamy items.
PochaccoHealthy things, Sports items, vegan foods like tofu.
KuromiSpooky, sparkly and autumnal things like pumpkin pie and pumpkins.
TuxedosamBooks, tropical bugs or gifts, fancy things.
Badtz-maruPrank things like water balloons, tropical items, pizza.

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Which are some of your favorite characters in the game? Let us know down in the comments below!

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Best Gifts for Every Character in Hello Kitty Island Adventure