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How to Play Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Play Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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Currently exclusive to Apple Arcade, Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a cozy game full of familiar friendly faces! Join quests with Hello Kitty herself, with Kuromi and Cinnamoroll, and many more besides and become the best of friends. There are items to craft, homes to decorate, and ancient puzzles to solve as you have your own Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Although it is similar to cozy island games like Animal Crossing, it has its own quirks and cute gameplay so let’s explore how to play Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure

When you begin playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure you get to customize your own character by choosing the creature type, head, eyes, mouth, pattern, and coloring. If you can’t decide there is always the randomize option in the bottom left corner! There are limited options for an outfit at this point but you can visit Tuxedosam to get more later on.

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Hello Kitty introduces you to the rest of the animals you will be living with on the island as you get to grips with the controls. Move with your left thumb, Jump by tapping the right of the screen, and tap the character icon to speak to each character as you approach them. When you have finished introducing yourself to everyone it is time to land on the island! Speak to Hello Kitty and get ready to start your adventure.

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Navigation around Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Once you are on the island you can navigate using the map by tapping on the minimap in the top left corner, or via your phone in the top right corner. Your map shows the locations of every friend you meet, and your own place on the island. Use it to get around without getting lost!

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The main objective of the game is to complete quests around the island and make friends with everyone you meet. You can level up friendships by getting to know each character and what they like and dislike, offering them gifts according to their tastes.

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Objectives in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

As you explore the island and come across characters they may have an Exclamation Mark beside them. This means they have a quest for you! You don’t have to accept the quest straight away but if you do it is recorded in your Quests log which is accessed via your phone. Just tap on Quests to see you Active Quests, Daily Quests, and any Completed Quests. Tap each one to see what you need to do to complete them!

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Each new part of the island can be unlocked by finding items, crafting things, and completing quests but the key to this cute game is to take it slow, relax, and pick up anything you find as you explore. Anything that lights up as you pass it can be picked up, and will be eventually useful either to craft things or given as gifts. Don’t forget to take pictures as you go to share with your friends!

Playing with Friends in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

You can invite friends to your island, or visit them on theirs, by sharing Invite Codes. When in-game, tap your Phone and then Multiplayer to find your code, or to enter your friend’s code. Joining a friend can also be done just as you load up Hello Kitty Island Adventure by tapping Join Friend. We have a complete article on how to play with friends in Hello Kitty Island Adventure – don’t miss it!

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Keep making friends and leveling up those friendships to really make a name for yourself in Hello Kitty Island Adventure! If you want to learn more about the game, make sure to read our game review too!

Download Hello Kitty Island Adventure for free now via Apple Arcade!

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How to Play Hello Kitty Island Adventure