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How to Get the Mythic Templar Skin in COD Mobile

How to Get the Mythic Templar Skin in COD Mobile
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The latest Call of Duty Mobile update has brought a whole host of new content from a Mythical Mission event and a new 4v4v4 arena mode. With these new features comes the return of the Templar Operator but this time he is in Mythic form, a seriously rare and beautifully designed skin. Mythical skins are hard to get but can be so worth it as they are highly detailed and have unique emotes and moves. Anyone looking to get their hands on this fearsome COD Mobile Mythic Templar Skin should read on to find out how!

How to Unlock the Mythic Templar Skin in COD Mobile

Straight out of the fantasy realm, the amazing mythic Templar Operator skin can be unlocked through the new Knights Crusade Mythic Drop in the COD Mobile store. You’ll need a whole bunch of COD Points so be prepared to spend them all, especially if you want to be guaranteed to win this stunning skin. Each draw begins at a cost of 20 CP but increases as you go and you could end up spending over 7000 CP altogether.

There are other items and rewards available in the draw with a low probability to draw the Templar skin compared to other rewards. As you pull other items, they will no longer be in the draw so your chances to get the Templar skin will increase as you keep drawing.

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Aside from the Templar Mythic skin you can unlock the Antelope A20 (Embers Burning), vehicle, Arctic .50 (Embers Burning) weapon, the Combat Axe (Embers Burning), the PP19 Bizon weapon (Oath’s Defiance), and the Shadow Rise emote, among others.

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Once you have drawn the coveted mythic skin you will unlock the next stage to upgrade your new operator and equipment. Unlock seven path upgrades to unlock the final upgrade!

So, if you are determined to get the COD Mobile Mythic Templar skin get all your COD Points and be ready to spend. With a bit of luck you might even draw him early!

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How to Get the Mythic Templar Skin in COD Mobile