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How to get Etched Stones in COD Mobile – Mythical Mission Explained

Learn how to earn Etched Stones from the new season Mythical Missions in COD Mobile.

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Mobile is here, so grab your broadswords and join the fight against the Mythical Templar, who has returned for revenge. This season introduces a new daily mission system called Mythical Missions, which rewards you with a special currency called Etched Stones. Confused? Our guide explains everything you need to know about the Mythical Missions and how to get Etched Stones in COD Mobile.

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How to complete Mythical Missions and earn Etched Stones in COD Mobile

From the main menu of COD Mobile, tap on the events banner on the left side of the screen—it should show the Templar’s Oath logo. On the events menu, tap on the Mythical Mission button to see a list of your current Mythical Missions.

Starting on July 7 lasting all the way until July 20, players can participate in limited-time Mythical Missions. You should be looking at an overview map of a city, and all the nodes are locked with red lock icons.

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Your overall objective is to liberate the city by occupying every single node on the map. To do this, you need a special currency called Etched Stones. If you look in the top right corner of the city map, you can see a list of missions that reward you with Etched Stones upon completion.

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You get 3 daily missions per day, and 6 challenge missions that persist through the whole event. These missions are not really anything too crazy, as all you need to do is stuff like deal damage in Battle Royale mode, win ranked matches in Multiplayer mode, and so forth.

Once you have enough Etched Stones, you can occupy your first city node, starting with the bottom left one. Note that you can only unlock nodes that are adjacent to occupied nodes. Each node costs different amounts of Etched Stones to unlock.

Start on the left side of the city and then make your way across the city, heading eastward. Every node you unlock nets you all sorts of fun rewards, including guns, weapon camos, credits, and more. This event is only around for a few more days, so be sure to unlock as many nodes as you can.

Be sure to check out our dedicated guide section on COD Mobile for more coverage about the new season.

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How to get Etched Stones in COD Mobile – Mythical Mission Explained