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Best Mobile Games Like Call of Duty

Looking for another fast-paced shooter to play on the go? We've got you covered with our list of the best mobile games like Call of Duty.

It’s no surprise that the most popular first-person shooter for mobile platforms is Call of Duty: Mobile. The titanic franchise has cemented its place in the shooter genre since the seventh generation of video game consoles, and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon.

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With that said, sometimes you just need a break from Activision’s premiere shooter. You’re in luck, because there are actually quite a few mobile shooters that feature the same top-tier gameplay as Call of Duty: Mobile. So, without further ado, here are the best mobile games like Call of Duty.

1. PUBG: Mobile

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If you’re familiar with first-person shooters, there is no doubt that you’ve tried PUBG: Battlegrounds at some point. This game single-handedly spearheaded the battle royale phenomenon, which led to other big-name companies getting in on the action with their own games, like Apex Legends and of course Fortnite.

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While the original PUBG game lost a lot of traction compared to the other giants, it revitalized itself with a mobile release with the aptly named PUBG: Mobile. The mobile version is a pretty close 1:1 ratio of the original game, somehow managed to fit on mobile devices. The same exhilarating battle royale experience was finally on mobile platforms—explore a large region, collect loot, and fight off any other players to win that elusive chicken dinner.

Ironically, PUBG‘s initial success is what led to Call of Duty‘s eventual experimentation with battle royale-type game modes. There is probably no other game on the mobile market right now that is as close to Call of Duty as PUBG: Mobile is.

2. Garena Free Fire

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Drop into the world with your guns blazing in Garena Free Fire, a battle royale game that is very similar to Call of Duty: Mobile‘s battle royale mode and PUBG: Mobile. Much like those games, Garena Free Fire originally launched as just a battle royale game, but additional modes have been added since.

While PUBG: Mobile takes a somewhat realistic approach to combat (ignoring the crazy skins, of course), Garena Free Fire is a little more lighthearted. In addition to regular weapons, you can use zany weapons like laser guns, glue grenades, a shield gun, and more. The variety of weapons gives Garena Free Fire is a unique twist on the established battle royale genre.

3. Standoff 2


Not interested in the battle royale mode that is featured in many of these games? Why not check out Standoff 2, a competitive multiplayer FPS built for mobile devices. This game is pretty similar to Call of Duty‘s original game modes, before it joined the battle royale bandwagon.

Players will run through tightly designed maps built for rapid-fire skirmishes. With over 20 different weapons to choose from, there is a gun for every kind of play style. You can jump into casual matches and play for fun, or squad up with your friends and take on the world in competitive matchmaking.

4. Combat Master Mobile

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If you’re a diehard fan of first-person shooters, and you live on the competitive edge, Combat Master Mobile may be the game for you. It is self-proclaimed as the mobile market’s fastest and most tactical shooter, specifically designed to cater towards competitive players.

As such, Combat Master Mobile features tight controls designed for precision accuracy. Auto-fire and aim snapping are not a thing here, so it’s all about your skill and manual control.

On top of the tight gameplay, Combat Master Mobile assures that the game is not pay-to-win. There are optional cosmetics you can pay for, but players will never be at a disadvantage if they haven’t spent any real money.

5. Arena Breakout

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We’re going back to the battle royale style of shooter with Arena Breakout, one of the newest shooters for mobile devices. Arena Breakout has all your typical battle royale mechanics, but it introduces a new spin on the genre.

In Arena Breakout, before players drop into the map, they can actually gear up with items and weapons from their stash. You can also purchase and sell items through the public market, which is primarily run through other players.

Once you’re on the map, the game plays out like a standard battle royale game. Take out any hostile you see, and make sure you survive until the extraction point appears. If you are eliminated, any gear you brought in with you is permanently lost! Conversely, if you manage to make it out through the extraction point, any gear you found during your travels is kept in your stash, able to be used for the next match.

The semi-persistent inventory makes Arena Breakout a unique experience compared to your usual battle royale fare, and we recommend it to any fans of the genre.

6. Pixel Gun 3D

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In the mood for some a little more bright and colorful? Pixel Gun 3D is a competitive online shooter that matches you against other blocky foes. Despite the Minecraft-like aesthetics and colorful palette, the game is still a fast and frantic skill-based shooter.

In addition to the standard guns, Pixel Gun 3D also has tons of fun gadgets and tools for you to utilize against your opponents. You can deploy shield generators, controllable mechs, and even mushrooms—there is no end to the wackiness!

If you’re looking for something different, Pixel Gun 3D also features a plethora of special mini-games. You can band together with other players to take down hordes of zombies, or even play an Among Us-style social deduction game.

7. Warface GO: Combat Strike Zone

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Warface GO: Combat Strike Zone is another tactical and realistic team shooter. You can fight against other players in hectic team-based battles in various modes similar to Call of Duty: Mobile‘s, like team deathmatch, control points, and more.

In addition to the normal competitive game modes, Warface GO also features co-op missions and raids. You’ll team up with three other players in special PvE missions where you fight against AI-controlled enemies in an attempt to solve the Blackwood plot.

These are some of our favorite mobile games that are a lot like Call of Duty. Have another game to recommend? Let us know what it is in the comments below!

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