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Top 10 Best Roguelike Deck Builder Games

Top 10 Best Roguelike Deck Builder Games
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Inspired by classic table top games like Dungeons & Dragons, roguelike games usually involve a dungeon-crawler aspect, character building with a choice of class and skills, and seemingly endless replay. Over the years there has been some creative roguelikes released and we have gathered our top ten choices of roguelike deck build games available on mobile and Nintendo Switch now.

Best Roguelike Deck Builder Games for Mobile and Nintendo Switch

We have chosen our favorite roguelike games based on design and creativity, graphics and soundtrack, along with fun and playability.

1. Iris and The Giant

This engaging and thoughtful game is full of monsters and battles, with a female protagonist who must be brave as she explore the world and face her demons. It is an interesting fusion of roguelike and RPG with fun deckbuilding turn-based strategies all wrapped up in an awesome minimalist art style. Iris and The Giant is available to play on IOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Image via Louis Rigaud

2. Mech Armada

Create unique mechs and attempt to battle The Swarm using tactic and strategy! No game is the same as you develop deeper knowledge and resources to fight through this post-apocalyptic world. A perfect roguelike for fans of sci-fi deckbuilders in particular! Mech Armada is available to play on console and Nintendo Switch.

Image via Lioncode Games

3. Breach Wanderers

A fresh new adventure full of thrilling battles awaits you in Breach Wanderers. Battle monsters using the strategic choice of heroes, magic cards, and special powers. Every game is different as you make a variety of choices each time and you face enemies who surprised you at every turn. As you adventure on into the Breach you get to upgrade the town which keeps you strong and well-equipped. Breach Wanderers is available to play on IOS and Android.

Image via Baronnerie Games

4. Card Hog

Choose your own hog and have magical battles while you explore the dungeons in Card Hog! There is never a dull moment as you try out every game mode, fight a variety of monsters, and go up against every boss. there are over 100 cards to collect and play and even a multiplayer mode to enjoy with your friends. Card Hog is available to play on IOS and Android.

Image via SnoutUp Games

5. 6. Luck Be a Landlord

One coin is the key to defeating your landlord and winning against the capitalist machine! Luck and strategy is everything in this slot machine deck builder. You can add symbols and items as you play to try and create the most interesting gameplay and defeat the landlord. There is even a dog to pet! Luck Be a Landlord is available to play on IOS and Android.

Image via Trampoline Tales

6. Dicey Dungeons

If you love a funky soundtrack with your mobile games then Dicey Dungeons is worth a try! This addictive roguelike has cute graphics and endless replay, with six classes to choose from and loads of enemies to battle. Your deck-building adventures will be based in both luck and strategy in this creative game! Dicey Dungeons is available to play on IOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Image via Distractionware

7. Indies’ Lies

Indies’ Lies is a fun combination of RPG and a roguelike deck-builder with twelve characters and amazing cards to collect. Explore the world of Mekaa as you get drawn into the engaging stories and array of choices ahead of you. Indies’ Lies is available to play on IOS and Android.

Image via Erabit Studios

8. Capsule Fight: Round Master

This 4-player area shooter is full of amazing physics and explosive battles! Upgrade after each round as enemies become stronger and powerful. With colorful graphics with cute characters and multiple game modes, this is bound to be one roguelite you pick up again and again! Capsule Fight: Round Master is available to play on Android.

Image via Skygo

9. Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

A follow-up to Meteorfall: Journeys, this deckbuilder sees the brave heroes return to go on adventures through over twenty unique dungeons. Choose your hero, pick the cards to use, and so much more! There are multiple game modes to enjoy so no game feels like the same experience. Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is available to play on IOS.

Image via Eric Farraro

10. Urban Card$

Money is king in this capitalist deckbuilder where your aim is to build a business, hire workers, and make as much money as you possibly can. Collect cards to use against the competition, keep an eye on your building debt, and see if you can become the most successful workaholic! Urban Cards is available to play on Nintendo Switch.

Image via Hues Games

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Top 10 Best Roguelike Deck Builder Games