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Best Operator Skills in COD Mobile

Our guide details some of the most popular and strongest Operator Skills in COD Mobile.

Operator Skills are powerful skills and weapons in COD Mobile that charge up throughout the match. There are a variety of Operator Skills, each with their own unique strengths, so which ones are the best? Today’s guide will be looking at some of the best Operator Skills in COD Mobile.

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The best Operator Skills to use in COD Mobile

Before we start, we need to preface this list with our usual statement about these kinds of lists, which is that none of this is set in stone. Most of the Operator Skills excel in some way or another, and it really depends on what game mode you are playing.

There are not really any Operator Skills that are just flat-out better than the others, though some see more usage. With that said, there are definitely some contenders for the strongest Operator Skills, so here are some of our favorites.

Ballistic Shield & Bull Charge

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These two Operator Skills both involve using a large shield to protect yourself, but with different methods of attacks. They are both very good in different scenarios, so let us go over them.

The Ballistic Shield is a protective shield that is fantastic for general use and pushing into enemy territory. It comes with a built-in machine pistol, so you can reliably take down enemies at close-range. Just be careful of speedy players that try to slide behind you and catch you off guard.

The Bull Charge is like the Ballistic Shield, except your only form of attack is to charge forward, mowing down anything that is unfortunate to be in front of you. Whereas the Ballistic Shield is a good for general combat, the Bull Charge shines in tight corridors where close encounters are inevitable.

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The Sparrow is a custom compound bow that is loaded with explosive arrows. Tap and hold the fire button to draw the string back, then let go to fire.

The Sparrow is very strong, as direct hits are one-hit kills, and the explosion deals heavy damage. If you are not confident in your aim, you can simply aim at the ground near an enemy, and if they are close enough, they might die from the blast damage.


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The Annihilator is an extremely powerful revolver that fires armor piercing rounds. Normal targets die in one hit from this Operator Skill, and thanks to the armor penetrating rounds, it can also easily destroy armored targets.

Despite the in-game description saying that the Annihilator trades accuracy for power, it actually is not that much less accurate than other revolvers. Because of this, the Annihilator is easily one of the most popular Operator Skills due to its sheer lethality.

Transform Shield

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The Transform Shield is a portable blockade that can be utilized for both offensive and defense. In objective-based modes, you can use it to block off important locations and melt anything that gets in front of it. You can also use the Transform Shield to assault a location, as it works well for portable cover.

The Transform Shield is especially effective in tight corridors, as you can set up choke points with it. Enemies will be forced to either charge the choke point recklessly, or find a harder path around, both of which are advantageous to you.

K9 Unit

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The K9 Unit summons a loyal companion that sniffs out enemies and attacks them on its own. This Operator Skill sort of has a meme-like reputation amongst the COD Mobile crowd, but that makes it all the more better.

Most players do not expect anyone to be using the K9 Unit, so it already has that going for it. While the good boy probably will not secure any kills against experienced players, he can still really annoy and distract them, which is very good to some.

War Machine

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The War Machine is probably the most practical and straightforward Operator Skill, as it functions as a grenade launcher essentially. It is fully automatic, so you can unload a salvo of grenades across a moderate area.

Despite it being probably the Operator Skill with the least amount of flair, the War Machine can still get the job done. You can blast choke points to clear the area, or use it to suppress enemies charging in.

In our experience, these are the Operator Skills we see used the most. This does not necessarily mean they are the best, but they definitely strong. We want to know what your thoughts—what do you think are the best Operator Skills right now in COD Mobile?

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Best Operator Skills in COD Mobile