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How to Unlock Pumped BR class in COD Mobile

How to Unlock Pumped BR class in COD Mobile
Image via Activision
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COD Mobile players have a new battle royale class called Pumped, which comes with two different abilities – Jet Bag and Pump Up. While the Pumped BR class was initially announced during the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9, there was no way to unlock it at that time.

In a COD Mobile development, Activision introduced a new Got Hops featured event through which players can unlock the brand new Pumped BR class along with some additional rewards. As always, players must complete a set of event missions in order to snag the rewards.

COD Mobile – How to get Pumped BR Class

Image via Activision

The only way to unlock the Pumped BR class in COD Mobile is by earning a total of 120 event points in Got Hops challenge. These are the missions in the battle royale mode, and you get a specific amount of event points for completing each:

  • Land in nuketown on islolated twice in BR matches. (10 points)
  • Land in Heat on islolated twice in BR matches. (10 points)
  • Use class chips 10 times in BR matches. (10 points)
  • Kill 5 enemies using the clown class in BR matches. (10 points)
  • Open 5 weapon supply boxes in BR matches. (15 points)
  • Travel 3500 meters in BR matches. (15 points)
  • Fire 2000 bullets in BR matches. (15 points)
  • Deal 2500 damage in BR matches. (15 points)
  • Use the trap master class 10 times in BR matches. (15 points)
  • Win 1 BR match. (20 points)

As one might notice, all of the objectives together are offering 140 points in total. Therefore, you can skip two missions at most that are offering 10 points each and still manage to unlock the Pumped BR class.

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Pumped Battle Royale class abilities

Image via Activision

Here’s what Pumped Battle Royale class can offer through its abilities:

  • Power Jump: Increases the amount of gas injection and nitrogen recovery speed.
  • Pump Up: Gain jet jumping ability. Shooting in the air increases spread reducing accuracy.

Getting your hands on the Call of Duty: Mobile Pumped BR Class can single-handedly make you lethal in the game, so long as you are skilled enough to maximize your abilities. Learn to dodge incoming fire, manage the hardest of terrains, and gain the best vantage point by using your new abilities. Be wary not to use them without a strategy in place, as it may easily make you a target rather than a threat.

How to get Pumped in COD Mobile (2023)

After the Got Hops event, players have noticed that you can get Pumped in COD Mobile and gain the same abilities as a reward upon reaching Elite III. As soon as you rank up, check your mail to claim it. You also get to have its camo, which is pretty neat.

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How to Unlock Pumped BR class in COD Mobile


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