How to Get the Red Glyph in Dead by Daylight

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Dead By Daylight’s glyphs appear as a part of tome challenges available for both Survivors and Killers. There are several glyph challenges that can show up in a tome, and they come in different colors. Some glyphs are easier than others, but all require the Survivor or Killer to interact with the glyph during a game. Some glyphs are Survivor-only (blue, yellow, white), and one is for the Killer only (purple). With blue glyphs they must interact with the glyph during the game and then escape, yellow glyphs involve completing multiple skill checks, and white glyphs must be picked up and taken to the Basement. Green and red glyphs can be completed by either Killer or Survivor and are the easiest to complete. Find out more below!

What is the Red Glyph?

The red glyph in Dead By Daylight can be made to appear in the game by selecting the correct challenge in the tome. Depending on the tome, players are required to find either 3, 4, 5, or 6 red glyphs. Each match contains only one glyph to try to discover and interact with. Once the challenge is complete, the player is rewarded with Rift Fragments and Bloodpoints.

red glyph challenge dead by daylight
Select the Red Glyph Challenge in the Challenge Tome (via Dead By Daylight)

Communing With the Red Glyph

When entering the game, the player must search the map to find a red diamond-like shape. This challenge can be completed by either Killers or Survivors. When the player gets close enough, the shape appears and a small noise can be heard. Players can then ‘commune’ with the glyph by using the interaction button.

commune with the red glyph in dead by daylight
Commune with the Red Glyph (via Dead By Daylight)

Players just need to commune with the glyph to complete it; nothing else needs to happen. It is the simplest glyph challenge to complete!

Good luck!

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How to Get the Red Glyph in Dead by Daylight


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