How to Get Red Dye in Genshin Impact

lisa from genshin impact with red dye

In Genshin impact’s latest update, there is a slew of brand new quests for you to complete. Version 2.7 introduces characters such as Yelan and Kuki Shinobu, as well as the return of the ever-popular Xiao. Along with the new and old characters, there are new quests to complete. One of these is The Stage, Behind The Stage quest, which requires Red Dye to complete. Here is how to get it.

What You Need For Red Dye

Finding carrots in Genshin Impact

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To actually make Red Dye, you can use either Sunsettias, Carrots, or Valberries. You can find carrots everywhere, but they are particularly common in Mondstadt. You can also usually find them in the gardens of NPCs all over the map. If you want to use Valberries, they can be found in the Stormbearer section of Mondstadt. Sunsettias can be found in Teyvat in pots, barrels, and crates. They can also be collected in Galesong Hill, Qiongji Estuary, Bishui Plain, and Starfell Valley.

A Reminder On How To Unlock Crafting

talking to tubby the bird in genshin impact

You won’t able to find red dye on its own at all, you’ll have to craft it. On top of that, you can only make it at the Serenitea Pot, you cannot do it at any regular crafting table. In order to have unlocked crafting at the Serenitea Pot, you’ll need to complete the quest A Teapot To Call Home, which is unlocked at level 28. Unlocking crafting and a house require certain steps to complete. If you are newer to the game, we have a guide right here with advice for beginner players. Pertaining you’ve reached all of the requirements, you can make your dye by talking to Tubby the bird inside the teapot. Choose the “Create Furnishing” option and then the icon that looks like a bottle.

The quest involving Red Dye is just one part of the recent update. Overall, there is plenty of content to keep players busy for a while. To see more, consider downloading the game if you haven’t. The game is free to download on both Android, iOS, PC, and Playstation 4 as well as 5. It’s an open-world experience unlike anything else!

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How to Get Red Dye in Genshin Impact


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