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How to Get Iron Ore in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Check out our guide to find out how to find Iron Ore and craft Ingots to use for crafting recipes in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

A lot of the materials you need to craft items are scattered around the island from Rubber to Lotus Flowers and even fiery Magma Blooms! One of the more rare materials is Iron Ore which is used to craft Ingots. Like many other items, these can only be found in a specific area and you will have to look hard! Scroll on to see how to get this elusive iron ore material in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

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Collecting Iron Ore and Making Ingots in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Iron Ore is made of iron pieces hidden within rock which is then extracted to make an Ingot, a slab of the metal. In Hello Kitty Island Adventure you will be able to find Iron Ore by searching around the volcanic and mountainous areas.

To find the Iron Ore you will be looking for red rocks speckled with a gray/blue color. There isn’t a huge abundance of these rocks of Iron Ore so if you want to craft a lot of Ingots you will want to revisit the area daily to collect as many as possible.

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Iron Ingots are crafted using three pieces of Iron Ore and are used in various crafting recipes such as the Snorkels, or as a gift for Retsuko who lives in the Mount Hothead area.

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If you are still struggling to find Iron Ore try walking around the base of Mount Hothead, looking carefully in every crevice and near all plants. As long as you walk around the entire area you should find at least three to make an Ingot. Hello Kitty Island Adventure doesn’t make it easy for you to gather everything all at once so be patient while searching! And if you still want to learn more about the game, make sure to read our Hello Kitty Island Adventure review too.

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How to Get Iron Ore in Hello Kitty Island Adventure