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How to Catch Bugs in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Catch Bugs in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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Part of the cozy game life is wandering the land admiring the local flora and fauna which of ocurse includes the mini beasts! In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you will get the chance to catch a whole host of creepy crawlers and cute critters but how can you start? Let’s explore exactly how to catch bugs, butterflies, frogs, and more in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Catching Critters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

You won’t be able to catch critters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure straight away but once you have crafted a Bug Net you will be able to snatch up all kinds of amazing bugs and wildlife living all around the island! The Bug Net is unlocked after you complete the Open the Nature Preserve quest and talking with Badtz-Maru.

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To unlock the Open the Nature Reserve quest you must reach level 2 friendship with Keroppi who can be found in the Spooky Swamp area of the island. After you have started the quest, speak to Badtz-Maru who will give you the Crafting Plans for the Bug Net and gather the following materials:

  • 10 Sticks (found around the island)
  • 1 Light Stone (given as a gift from Kuromi)
  • 3 Threads (given as a gift from Tuxedosam)
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Once you have all the right materials, take them to Chococat and use the Crafting Table to make your net. Now you are free to catch every crawling and flying critter you see! Some critters are easier to catch than others but all you really have to do is approach them and quickly tap the et icon to capture the critter. If the critter flashes a red exclamation mark, this means they have spotted you and will run away and disappear if you don’t capture them quickly!

Capture every critter you see and soon your Hello Kitty Island Adventure Nature Preserve will be full of amazing creatures!

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How to Catch Bugs in Hello Kitty Island Adventure