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How to Catch Fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Catch Fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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One of the cozy activities you can do in Hello Kitty Island Adventure while building a new life on the abandoned island is to try and catch fish. Fishing is simple enough and only takes a little bit of skill, but before you can even use a rod, you have to follow a few little steps to complete a quest. Let’s explore together how to catch fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

How to get and use a Fishing Rod in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

You can start fishing in Hello Kitty Island Adventure once you have crafted a Fishing Rod at Chococat’s Crafting Table, but not before completing a couple of quests. The first quest to get done is the Prank Preparation quest from Badtz-Maru by finding Rubber and making him some Water Balloons. Once that is complete, you can level up your friendship with Badtz-Maru to level 3 and unlock the Keep It Reel quest.

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Badtz-Maru will give you the Crafting Plans for the Fishing Rod, so all you have to do is find the rest of the materials to craft it! To craft the Fishing Rod, you need the following materials:

  • Ten Sticks (found around the island)
  • Three Threads (gained as gifts from Tuxedosam)
  • One Gizmo (gained as a gift from Chococat)
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Now that you have your Fishing Rod, you can approach any deep body of water and tap the Rod icon to throw the line. When you hear a big splash and see a red exclamation mark, tap the rod icon again quickly to start reeling the fish in. This is where the tricky bit begins!

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Once the fish has bitten, you have to try to keep the arrow in the green area by tapping and holding the arrows on the left and right. The best way to make sure you reel the fish in is to just carefully alternate between holding one arrow and then the other, keeping the middle arrow in the green area as much as possible. Slowly but surely the fish will come closer until you have caught it!

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You can use any food you have found, or made, as bait to entice bigger fish and catch them even quicker. Different areas of the Hello Kitty Island Adventure map allow you to catch different types of fish, so don’t forget to try to catch fish in every section of the island.

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How to Catch Fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure