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How to Fast Travel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Fast Travel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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Fast travel is one of the best ways to get quickly around any game, and thankfully it is available in Hello Kitty Island Adventure! It is just one of many ways to get around the island, which includes swimming, running, scuba diving, floating on balloons, and zooming along on zip lines. It would take ages to get to one area from another without a bit of fast travel, however, especially if you have a quick errand to run or task to complete, so let’s explore how to set up fast travel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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Setting up fast travel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Fast travel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure happens through Mail Boxes. To unlock the ability, you must first complete the Delivery Service quest. After that, you can discover and activate many Mail Boxes around the island, which allows you to fast travel to each one from anywhere on the island. Follow these steps to complete the Delivery Service main story quest:

  1. Complete the Power Up quest, which opens the gate to the Seaside Resort;
  2. Head to Spooky Swamp;
  3. Speak to Kuromi and give her the welcome gift from My Melody;
  4. Kuromi will show you the Mail Box in Spooky Swamp;
  5. Speak to her about the mysterious Mail Box to unlock the Delivery Service quest;
  6. Activate the Mail Box to transform it into a Fast Travel Mail Box by tapping the wings icon;
  7. Kuromi will give you a pumpkin to take to My Melody;
  8. Head to My Melody’s shop, where you meet Cinnamoroll;
  9. Follow Cinnamoroll to the nearby Mail Box;
  10. Activate the Mail Box with Cinnamoroll!

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After speaking with Cinnamoroll and activating the Resort Fast Travel Mail Box, you can activate any that you see during your travels, making exploring each region and completing Hello Kitty Island Adventure quests so much easier!

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How to Fast Travel in Hello Kitty Island Adventure