How to Get Fuel in Stranded Deep – Guide

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Players got early access to Stranded Deep back in 2015 (on PC), but the game still grabs the attention of many. The scenario of being stranded on an island and trying to survive based on your instincts and resourcefulness promises loads of fun (and frustration!), which explains its popularity.

To survive in Stranded Deep (especially later in the game), you will require fuel to power your machines used for exploring or hunting. The best way to secure enough supplies is to make your own.

This guide will show you which resources you will need and how to make fuel in Stranded Deep. The process is a bit complex, so let’s dive in!

What Do You Need to Make Fuel in Stranded Deep?

Fuel in Stranded Deep is made of potatoes based on this formula—1 unit of fuel requires 4 potatoes. This may sound easy enough, but you should keep in mind that growing potatoes requires quite a lot of dedication in this game—1 potato needs 48 in-game hours to grow fully and a constant water supply. Therefore, start with potato production as soon as possible because you will need them.

Besides potatoes, you will also need a jerrycan for storing the fuel, but you shouldn’t have any problems with finding this item while scavenging around the island.

Additionally, you will have to make a campfire, upgrade it to a fire pit, and then make a fuel still from your crafting menu. Besides a jerrycan and fire pit, crafting a fuel still requires 2 lashings, 4 sticks, 2 planks, and 2 clay.

How to Make Fuel in Stranded Deep

Once you’ve built your fuel still boiler, you’re finally ready to make fuel. Just drop 4 potatoes into the boiler, start the fire using kindling, and wait until the jerrycan is full.

Phew, that was exhausting, but it was worth it. While you’re waiting for your fuel to be done, you can check out our other Stranded Deep guides, including How to Get Cloth and How to Regain Health in Stranded Deep.

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How to Get Fuel in Stranded Deep – Guide


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