How To Get Clay in Stranded Deep


Stranded Deep is a fascinating game that takes place on a small deserted island as a result of a plane crash. Players must now strive to survive on this island by using their wits and other resources they find by crafting items like food, weapons and other necessary items to aid them against the unknown.

There are lots of items to collect and use in the game and clay is one of the more relevant ones. Like many other simulation games, mining is an important part of the survival process, so in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to get Clay in Stranded Deep.

How To Get Clay in Stranded Deep

To get Clay, be sure to have your pickaxe in hand and ready to go. Then head to the water as it is where you have the best chance of getting clay in the game. You’ll recognize clay nodes as they appear like minable rocks in the game but are a tad brownish compared to grey rocks.


Also, clay appears shallow in medium water depth and is scattered all around the island. And since you’ll be underwater, you’ll want to have items like anti-poison, shark repellent and even breathers ready especially in dangerous areas.

So once you have your pickaxe ready, head to either shallow or deep water and try to find brown rocks. Once you find any, mine and pick it up and you have yourself some clay.

As aforesaid, clay is an important material for crafting certain items like bricks or even water bottles in Stranded Deep. So as soon as you get your hands on a pickaxe, you should start mining as much clay as you can.

Also, the more you mine the clay rock, the more the material gets scattered throughout the island, so if you find yourself seeking more clay, be sure to search the area and gather any clay you might’ve missed. Clay rocks are commonly found near shores, which means you can also mine them easily without using a raft.

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How To Get Clay in Stranded Deep


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