How to Start a Fire in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep campfire
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One of the first things you would need to do if you got stranded on an island alone is to build a fire. That’s the case in this survival game as well since fire brings warmth, the light at night, and, most importantly, a way to prepare food.

You should try to start a campfire as soon as possible because collecting the necessary resources is going to become progressively more difficult as the night comes. While making a campfire is a technically easy process required early on in the game, you might be confused about how to do it because the game doesn’t offer descriptive instructions.

For that reason, we have created an easy-to-follow guide on how to start a fire in Stranded Deep to save you from wasting time and risking your health.

What Do You Need to Start a Fire in Stranded Deep?

Fire requires wood so you first must collect 4 sticks. Luckily, your island has enough of those lying around, but you can also go the more difficult route and chop some trees or shrubs down.

Make sure to collect two more sticks because you will need them to make kindling in the crafting menu.

How to Start a Fire in Stranded Deep

When you gather the above-mentioned resources, it’s finally time to make a campfire. Fire is “craftable” from the crafting menu—the option is under the tent icon—and it can be placed anywhere on the beach. Once you do that, equip the kindling and approach your pile of sticks. Players who use the keyboard will need to hold E to start the small fire-building activity, while PlayStation and Xbox players will use Square or X respectively.

Right after, you will need to click the left and right mouse buttons alternately and quickly to fill the bar and light the sticks on fire. You will get the same result alternating between L2 and R2 or LT and RT on PlayStation and Xbox.

You’re all set! The night is no longer so scary and dark, and you can make yourself a warm meal. Need more Stranded Deep help? Learn how to get water or regain health and live to see another day!

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How to Start a Fire in Stranded Deep


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