How to Regain Health in Stranded Deep

How to Regain Health in Deep Stranded

One of the vital stats in Deep Stranded is health. If you do not care about your health, you will pass out within a few nights of playing the game. And by reading this guide, you will find out how to regain health in Deep Stranded.

How Health Works in Deep Stranded

Before finding out how to heal, it would be best to discover more about the health system in this game. Generally, you should take into account that health in Deep Stranded works differently than in other games. It is aimed more at realism than casual gameplay.

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From the start, you have 7 health bars. The number of bars might decrease as you get damaged or survive after a specific emergency. And when it reaches 0, your character dies, and you can not continue playing the game. That’s why it is so important to regain health.

How to Heal in Deep Stranded

Unfortunately, healing in Deep Stranded is a complex process that requires much effort. If you look at the stats clock, you will find that there are also such vital stats as hunger and water level. And the only way to heal your character in Deep Stranded is to keep his water and hunger levels consistently high. 

Once you have it, your health will slowly restore over time. Also, you should take into account that if hunger or water level decreases, you should increase them again in order to start restoring health points.

In conclusion, the only way you can heal in Deep Stranded is by consistently keeping your water and hunger levels high. Generally, it is a complex process that requires a lot of effort. Therefore, we all hope that developers will add a system allowing players to heal much faster in the future. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to get Palm Frond in Stranded Deep.

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How to Regain Health in Stranded Deep


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