Cookie Run: Kingdom offers an overabundance of playable Cookie characters that players can unlock by progressing the game’s main story, taking part in certain activities and events, via the primary method of performing gacha pulls, or by using the recently introduced guild gacha system.

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Because there are so many methods to unlock new Cookies, players quite often get confused on how to obtain a specific desired Cookie.

A good example would be one of the recent additions, the Cream Puff Cookie. Not many players know how to unlock Cream Puff Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

We have prepared a handy guide that talks about how to unlock Cream Puff Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom while sharing some basic details and tips about her.

How to Get Cream Puff Cookie

Players can obtain the Cream Puff Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom via the guild gacha system.

At first, players have to either join or create a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Once that is done, players have to take part in different guild activities in order to earn the currency needed for performing gacha pulls in the guild gacha system

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Crystals, the premium gacha currency required to do usual gacha pulls in Cookie Run: Kingdom, don’t work in the guild gacha system. The fastest way to get Cream Puff Cookie would be to join a more active guild—one that quite often does guild battles and other similar activities. 

Cream Puff Cookie Guide: Position, Skill, Class, and Recommended Topping

Here are some basic details on the Cream Puff Cookie that will help you better utilize her abilities in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

  • Rarity – Epic
  • Position – Rear
  • Class – Support
  • Recommended Topping – Swift Chocolate 

Skill – Jellius Extremus!: Conjures a tornado of Jellies over a large area, causing area damage. The might of the spell restores the party’s HP.

  • 18 second base Cooldown
  • Damage dealt: 280.0% (+3.7% DMG per level)
  • Healing 40% of ATK (+0.7% Healing per level)

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a gacha-based roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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How to Get Cream Puff Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom | Cream Puff Cookie Guide


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