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Cookie Run Kingdom: What is the Guild Gacha?

Cookie Run Kingdom: What is the Guild Gacha?

Cookie Run Kingdom offers a guild feature where players can team up with their guild members in guild battles to fight and defeat new rivals to earn lucrative rewards such as soul stones, guild level-up items, guild treasures, and other items.

What is the Guild Gacha?

The Cookie Run Kingdom guild feature offers an additional benefit to players who are in a guild. Players who participate in a guild can draw special probabilities in the game using the Guild Gacha, and it is exclusive to players who are part of a guild.

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The Guild Gacha allows players to get hold of some unique rewards such as Flame of Unity, Heroic Torches, and other items. It is also the only way to obtain the epic cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, and the epic treasure called Bookseller’s Monocle.

What is the Guild Gacha Rates in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Guild Probabilities | Screengrab Via Cookie Run Kingdom

The Guild Gacha may be a new feature something exclusive to the Cookie Run Kingdom. However, similar to any other game, the gacha rates for different items and characters(Cookies) depends on their rarity. We have divided the guild gacha into three parts –

  • Guild Gacha for Epic Drops
  • Guild Gacha for Rare Drops
  • Guild Gacha for Common Drops

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With that being said, let us have a look at the guild gacha tables that showcases the different cookies, items, and their drop rates.

Guild Gacha for Epic Drops

Epic DropsChance %
Cream Puff Cookie0.300%
Bookseller’s Monocle1.000%
Cream Puff Cookie’s Soulstone1.000%
Flame of Unity Lv. 50.700%
Aurora Pillar1.500%
Aurora Brick1.500%
Aurora Compass1.500%
Searing Raspberry M0.500%
Hard Walnut M0.500%
Healthy Peanut M0.500%
Bouncy Caramel M0.500%
Juicy Apple Jelly M0.500%
Solid Almond M0.500%
Hearty Hazelnut M0.500%
Swift Chocolate M0.500%
Sweet Candy M0.500%
Fresh Kiwi M0.500%

Guild Gacha for Rare Drops

Rare DropsChance %
Flame of Unity Lv. 41.000%
Flame of Unity Lv. 310.000%
EXP Star Jellies
EXP Star Jelly Lv. 47.000%
EXP Star Jelly Lv. 37.500%
Topping Piece9.000%
Searing Raspberry S0.600%
Hard Walnut S0.600%
Healthy Peanut S0.600%
Bouncy Caramel S0.600%
Juicy Apple Jelly S0.600%
Solid Almond S0.600%
Hearty Hazelnut S0.600%
Swift Chocolate S0.600%
Sweet Candy S0.600%
Fresh Kiwi S0.600%

Guild Gacha for Common Drops

Common DropsChance %
Flame of Unity Lv. 216.000%
Flame of Unity Lv. 110.000%
30-min Speed-up1.000%
10-min Speed-up5.000%
EXP Star Jellies
EXP Star Jelly Lv. 28.000%
Searing Raspberry XS0.700%
Hard Walnut XS0.700%
Healthy Peanut XS0.700%
Bouncy Caramel XS0.700%
Juicy Apple Jelly XS0.700%
Solid Almond XS0.700%
Hearty Hazelnut XS0.700%
Swift Chocolate XS0.700%
Sweet Candy XS0.700%
Fresh Kiwi XS0.700%

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Cookie Run: Kingdom is a gacha-based roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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Cookie Run Kingdom: What is the Guild Gacha?


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