How to Get a Shadow Scale in Terraria

A Shadow scale in Terraria is a material for crafting, which will be needed in the game to make armor, weapons, and other extremely useful things. Its stats are the following:

  • Rarity – Blue (1).
  • Selling price – 1 silver.
  • ID code – 86.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can get a shadow scale in Terraria and how to use it in the game.

How to Get a Shadow Scale in Terraria

You can find a shadow scale in Terraria only after killing the Eater of Worlds boss, and each of its segments drops this material with a 50-100% probability.

Alas, it is impossible to craft a shadow scale at the moment.

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What Is It Needed For?

After you managed to get the Shadow Scale, it becomes possible to make certain items at various crafting stations. At the Demonic or Scarlet Altar (PC and Mobile only) you can craft the following items:

  • Void bag.
  • Void vault.

In Hellforge, you can craft the complete Obsidian Set:

  • Hat
  • Coat
  • Trousers

On an Iron or Lead Anvil, you can craft the following items:

  • Nightmare Pickaxe
  • Shadow Helmet
  • Shadow Scalemail
  • Shadow Greaves

In total, it will take from 56 to 121 pieces to craft everything, depending on the platform on which Terraria is played.

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