How to Fish in Lava in Terraria

How to Fish in Lava in Terraria

Terraria is one of the most famous action-adventure sandbox games nowadays. Like most sandbox games, Terraria has a lot of different in-game activities you can do to obtain recourses. Fishing is a very spread thing in sandbox games and Terraria is not exceptional here. But, unlike many other sandboxes, in this game, you can do fishing even in lava. This guide will explain to you this unusual type of activity.

Fishing in Terraria

Fishing in Terraria is an in-game activity that allows you to obtain recourses. You can get them by using a fishing pole with bait for fishing in liquids, like water, honey, or lava. There is also an NPC named Angler. He gives you special fishing quests that require you to fish in a determined biome and height. By completing these quests you may obtain a lot of useful items, accessories, and money.

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Fishing in Lava in Terraria

Fishing in lava in Terraria may not be the easiest thing to do. You have only three ways to do this. You need to use a specific fishing rod, special fishing hook, or rare Underworld critters as bait.

The first way is the most demanding one. You will need to complete 25 Angler’s quests to have a 1/150 chance to get the Hotline Fishing Hook. With this fishing pole, you will be able to fish in lava. If you are lucky you can use this way to fish. But it is not that easy to get the fishing rod, as you will need to complete a lot of quests. So, you may want to try other ways.

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Lavaproof Fishing Hook is another item that allows you to fish in lava. But you can’t start with this item, as it may be found only in Obsidian or Hellstone crates. These can be obtained only through fishing in lava, so you need to be able to do this to get this item.

The last way is using critters as bait. You need to buy the Guide to Critter Companionship from the Zoologist. This item prevents your character from damaging critters. The next thing you need is a special bug net. Use 15 Hellstone Bars and regular Bug Net to craft a Lavaproof Bug Net. With this item, you can catch the critters you need. You have to look for Lavaflies, Magma Snail, or Hell Butterflies. Using them as bait will allow you to fish in lava.

What Can You Catch in Lava

Fishing in lava in Terraria may be a source of some interesting items. You can catch Obsidifish and Flarefin Koi that you can use to craft Inferno Potions and Potions of Return. Obsidian Swordfish may be used as a very powerful close-combat weapon. Of course, don’t forget about Obsidian and Hellstone crates. These are always a great source of resources and useful artifacts.

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How to Fish in Lava in Terraria


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