Angler in Terraria Mobile is an NPC added in 1.2.4. You can find it in the ocean or on the beach. He will float on the surface of the ocean or lie on the sand and sleep. When you wake him up, he will say his first line. In this guide, we will tell you why Angler is needed in Terraria.

Here Is Why You Need an Angler in Terraria Mobile

The angler gives quests to the player. A new task is issued at the onset of the morning (4:30 AM). After that, the player will have exactly one day to bring the specified fish. If you won’t do this on time, he will give you a new task. Currently, it has 41 quests. All of them are similar to each other: he tells you to go to some biome and catch some fish. 

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There are both easy and complex quests. But you should know that the chance of catching exactly the fish for which the angler gives the quest will be much higher than that of the other quest fish.

Interesting Facts About an Angler in Terraria

Since version 1.3, it uses an ice dagger fish for protection. Also, he is the shortest NPC in the game as he is a child.

After the death of the fisherman, “[The name of the fisherman] exits” is written in the chat instead of the “[Name of the fisherman] died.” And he dies without blood, just disappears like a ghost. Perhaps this is due to political correctness because the fisherman is a child. This is the only NPC in the game who dies this way.

You should also know that if in the process of completing the task the angler dies and manages to spawn again, then you can still get a reward for your quest if the new day hasn’t started.

This is everything you need to know about an Angler in Terraria Mobile. While you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to get the Terraspark Boots.

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