How to Get And Use a Golden Key in Terraria

In the popular game Terraria, the developers tried to add as many interesting items as possible to make the game more exciting. One of these things was the extraordinary golden key. Its purpose is simple – to open gold chests that can be found in secret places. There you can find useful items for the character. Therefore, the golden key is considered a useful item in the game. Each key can only be used once. In this guide, we will tell you everything you should know about the golden key in Terraria.

Methods of Obtaining the Golden Key In Terraria and Its Purpose

The Golden Key is an item in the game that allows you to open the golden chests hidden in the dungeon. This place in the game appears on one side of the world, close to the ocean. This location is presented in the form of tunnels, which can even lead to hell, and sometimes you can find obstacles. There you can use the obtained item because the place is filled with chests.

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Ways to get a golden key in Terraria are the following:

  • There are open chests in the dungeon, some contain keys.
  • When destroying slimes in a dungeon.
  • Killing any other monster from the dungeon. However, the chance of getting the key with this method is only 1 out of 75.
  • Break the pot in the dungeon. It looks like an ordinary vase. In 1 out of 45 cases, you can get an item.

Slimes in the dungeon can be faced less often than other monsters, this is due to the value of the prize. In addition to the gold trophy, 150 copper coins can be gotten from them.

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