Terraria: How to Get and Use Nazar

Nazar in Terraria is an accessory that provides immunity from the Curse debuff, which you will surely get if you go to the dungeon. In addition, it serves as an ingredient for the creation of other rare items. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about this item.

How to Get Nazar in Terraria

There are 4 ways to get Nazar.

The first way is to create a new world and go to kill the Skeletron. After that, you go down to the dungeon. Inside the dungeon, kill all the mobs that come across on the way. You need to go down to the level of the caves.

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Under the surface, there is a dungeon, and after a cave.

You can take a depth gauge with you, hang it in accessories, and you will know where you are.

When in place, kill the flying cursed skulls, large flying skulls, and giant cursed skulls. From them, with a small probability of 1-2%, Nazar can be gotten.

Keep in mind that they pass through the blocks. You can build a farm in the dungeon, but staying afk it will not work due to the fact that many can fly through walls.

The next option is a holy biome in the desert. The easiest way to create it is to take a purifier with you, cleanse the desert and make it holy.

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There, at night, you can meet flying hammers from which Nazar can be doped out.

The third option is to travel to the red crimson biome and kill the spiders there.

And the fourth way is to run into the jungle and kill the flying swords there.

In all cases, Nazar drops with the same 1% probability. But if you are playing in master mode, then the probability is 1.96%.

This means that only farming will help you get an accessory. There are no other options.

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