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The Xiao Lantern is an event exclusive item in Genshin Impact introduced in the game with The Lantern Rite Festival event. Players can use the Xiao lanterns to take part in Lantern Rite Tales and Theater Mechanicus challenges. It acts as a form of event-exclusive energy that is consumed whenever players try to progress in the event.

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Before players can craft the Xiao Lanterns in Genshin Impact, they have to learn the crafting recipe from the Lantern Overseer, Jingming. In our previous guide, we talked about where players can find Jingming. Moving forward, players can get the Xiao Lantern crafting technique from Jingming only if they have The Origin of the Lanterns quest.

Once players have learned the Xiao Lanterns crafting technique. They need the following materials to craft the Xiao Lanterns.

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  • Lantern Fiber X 1 – Obtained from harvestable plants.
  • Wick Material X 1 Obtained from Hilichurls and Fatui elites.
  • Plaustrite Shard X 1Obtained from harvestable ores, Geovishap hatchlings, Geovishaps, and Stonehide Lawachurls.
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Once you have gathered the required materials for the Xiao Lanterns. Go to a crafting bench(Alchemy table). One is found right in front of Jingming. Moreover, players can use any of the other crafting benches located in some major locations like the City of Mondstadt, Liyue Harbor, Albedo’s camp in Dragonspine, etc based on theirs preference.

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For crafting a Xiao Lantern in Genshin Impact players need the aforementioned items and 50 Mora. We recommend players to grind and keep a good number of Xiao Lanterns in stock as it is also required in Theater Mechanicus challenges. Moreover, if players fail a Theater Mechanicus challenge the Xiao lantern is wasted. So keep that in mind and keep a decent stock of Xiao lanterns.

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