How to get intertwined Fate in Genshin Impact
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Intertwined Fate is one of the many premium currencies in Genshin Impact that players can use to perform wishes. Alike many other gacha based roleplaying games, Genshin Impact also features gacha rolls in the form of banners that offer players new playable characters and weapons. And, since Intertwined Fate is one of the currencies used for performing gacha rolls. Genshin Impact players are always in need of the same.

Most of the Genshin Impact players are well acquainted with the game and its mechanics and different features & they already know the different ways to get the Intertwined Fate. However, for new players, the existence of different in-game currencies makes it hard for players to point out how they can get Intertwined Fate in Genshin Impact.

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In today’s guide, we are going to share the different ways in which players can get Intertwined Fate in Genshin Impact. And, we are also going to share details on an upcoming timed-exclusive event that will reward players with ten free Intertwined Fate’s in Genshin Impact.

How to Obtain Intertwined Fate in Genshin Impact

Here are the different ways in which players can get Intertwined Fate in Genshin Impact.

1.) Exchange Intertwined Fate for Masterless Stardust

Players can exchange a total of five Intertwined Fate for seventy-five Masterless Stardust each. Moreover, in Genshin Impact, players get Masterless Stardust when they get duplicated weapons in Wishes.

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2.) Exchange Intertwined Fate for Primogems

Primogems provide Genshin Impact players yet another way of obtaining Intertwined Fate. In Paimon’s Bargain Shop, players can exchange 160 Primogems for a single Intertwined Fate.

3.) Get Intertwined Fate from Gnostic Hymn battle pass

Gnostic Hymn is a premium battle pass of Genshin Impact that players can buy for 9.99 USD when they reach Adventure Rank 20 or above. Players can get Intertwined Fate from this battle pass when they reach any of the following level.

  • Gnostic Hymn BP Level 10
  • Gnostic Hymn BP Level 20
  • Gnostic Hymn BP Level 30
  • Gnostic Hymn BP Level 40

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4.) Exchange Intertwined Fate for Masterless Starglitter

Players can also use Masterless Starglitter to obtain Intertwined Fate.

5.) May Fortune Find You Daily Login Event

A new Genshin Impact daily login event called May Fortune Find You is starting from February 11, 2021, at 04:00, and will last till February 26, 2021, at 03:59 server time.

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During this time, players can get ten Intertwined Fate for completely free, if they log in Genshin Impact for seven days during the event.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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