How to Build and Use a Magic Laboratory in Cookie Run Kingdom


Cookie Run Kingdom is an incredibly addicting mobile RPG. The game uses the Gacha system to summon various Cookies. And each Cookie is unique and has special skills and backstory. Players can also build various buildings in their kingdom to receive resources and various bonuses. And in this guide, we will tell you how to build and use the Magic Laboratory in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to Build a Magic Laboratory

Each update to the Cookie Run Kingdom brings a lot of new content to the game. In the latest July update, called the Heroes of the Light, new features were added to the game, such as a new mode in World Exploration, Ascension, and a new building.

Upon reaching Kingdom level 35, the “Let’s Build the Magic Laboratory!” quest becomes available. To complete it, you need to deliver 10 Sugar Cubes. After that, players will be able to build a Magic Laboratory for 50,000 Coins, 2 Aurora Pillars, 2 Aurora Bricks, and 2 Aurora Compasses. And when you place the building, you will complete the second quest called “New Power, New Crafting”.

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How to Use a Magic Laboratory

The Magic Laboratory is a new building where players can create various items to upgrade their Cookies. And it’s very easy to do. You must have enough resources and then just select the item you want to create. You can also reduce creation time by using Speed-Ups. If you want to have access to all possible items, you must upgrade the Magic Laboratory to level 3. And here are all the items you can create in your Magic Laboratory level 3:

  • Concentrated Espresso
  • Spiked Sweet Potato
  • Aromatic Grape Juice
  • Time Jumpers
  • Puzzle Powder Pouch
  • Refined Puzzle Powder Pouch
  • Pristine Puzzle Powder Pouch
  • Strength Crystals
  • Swiftness Crystals
  • Arcane Crystals
  • Topping Pieces
  • Radiant Shards

The new update brings a lot of new things to the Cookie Run Kingdom. And with the new building, you will be able to upgrade your Cookies more easily. We hope you enjoyed this guide.

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How to Build and Use a Magic Laboratory in Cookie Run Kingdom


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