How to Beat 13-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom – Final Boss Strategy Guide


The 13-30 is the final stage in Cookie Run Kingdom. Unfortunately, you will not be able to complete this stage without strong characters and scrolls. What are the best cookies to opt for? Read the guide, and you will find out.

Final Boss Guide in Cookie Run Kingdom

This battle is the hardest in Cookie Run Kingdom. Why is it so? The point is that Living Licorice Abyss has over 3 million health points. Also, this boss can steal health from your heroes and stun them as well. Therefore it might be complicated to beat Living Licorice Abyss. So, what characters and scrolls should you use to beat the 13-30 stage?

The first thing you need to use is scrolls. The necessary one is Bookseller’s Monocle. This scroll is good because it restores 30% of each Cookie’s max HP once per 40 seconds. You can pick other scrolls just as you want. And it is recommended to increase survivability versus attack.

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When it is clear what scrolls to use, you need to understand what cookies to use. The main is Dark Choko Cookie, the only character you will use in the front line. As with any other cookie, aim his setup at survivability. In the middle line, use Eclair and Sorbet Shark cookies. This combination will allow your Dark Choco Cookie to survive as much as possible. 

The last two cookies are Cotton and Pure Vanilla Cookie. Both cookies are aimed at healing and have a large amount of HP. That makes them the best possible pick. However, you can change any cookie in this pick except for Dark Choco Cookie.

So, that is all with the 13-30 stage in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it valuable.

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How to Beat 13-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom – Final Boss Strategy Guide


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