What Is Master Mode in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered


There are many different RPGs for mobile devices. But among them all, Cookie Run Kingdom stands out with its popularity. In this cute RPG, the player needs to use Gacha to get various Cookies and form teams of them. The game also has many different modes and features. And in this guide, we will tell you what Master Mode in the Cookie Run Kingdom is.

What Is Master Mode in Cookie Run Kingdom?

With the new July update called Heroes of Light, Cookie Run Kingdom has a lot of new content. Players can get a new character, increase the stats of their strongest Cookies through the new Ascension feature, and play the new mode. And if it seemed to you that Normal and Dark Modes are too easy, try the new Master Mode.

This Mode is the most difficult of all in Story mode. You can unlock it once you complete World 10 in Story mode. But for chapters to become available to you, you must first complete them in Dark Mode. At the time of the update, players can only play Master Mode up to World 4. Other Chapters will be added later.

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Also, Master Mode differs from the other two, not only in the strength of the enemies but also in the different conditions and restrictions that the player must adhere to. For example, for some stages, your Cookies must be of a certain level or class.

However, completing these challenges is worth it. For each completed stage in Master Mode, you will be able to receive Sugar Crystals and Soulcores. The latter is needed for Ascension.

Cookie Run Kingdom has challenging stages and enemies. However, now you can challenge yourself and try to complete all available chapters in Master Mode. And we hope this guide was helpful for you.

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What Is Master Mode in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered


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