LifeAfter released a massive content update on August 6, 2021, that also allows the players to turn into a Revenant — half-Human-half-Zombie to survive in the Doomsday world. 

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In this LifeAfter guide, we will talk about how exactly you can become a Revenant.

How to Become a Revenant

Players can become a Revenant in LifeAfter by completing a quest called Dire Peril.

To take the quest, open the Fittest Survival menu. You will land at the Dire Peril quest page. Once there, click on “Track Quest” to start the Dire Peril quest. Now players have to go to Hope 101 and find a radio signal. You can do that by following the quest marker that leads to the radio signal.

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When you find the Radio Signal, once again, you have to accept the quest and then talk to caravan member Esme near Hope 101 Town Hall and ask about the situation. Doing so will teleport you to the Abandoned Hospital where you have to talk to the NPC Vincent.

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He will ask you to help nearby people, do it, and go through the quest. After some time, you get attacked by a hoard of zombies, and to save you and other survivors, Vincent turns into a revenant.

Image Credit: Novianopiii

Once you complete the Dire Peril quest, go to the Fittest Survival menu and navigate to the “My Choice” tab. There you will find the two options, either be normal or become a revenant. Click on revenant if you want to continue your journey in LifeAfter as a revenant.

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LifeAfter is an open-world doomsday survival game currently available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

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