LifeAfter is a unique survival game set in an open world. To move forward in the game and earn some money, you need to pick a profession. While it’s tempting to go for something easy, it might not be the best choice.

In LifeAfter, you can pick your profession from a variety of categories like resource collection, crafting, etc. Some of the professions include miner, armorer, lumberjack, and more.

Top 5 Professions in LifeAfter

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At the camp, you can interact with Jessica and view the list of all available professions.


If you want to make money, you should definitely pick Armorer’s occupation. As an Armorer, you will make leather and other useful resources. Armor also gets a better backpack, and sometimes even extra products. The profession also buffs your armor and weapon durability.

2Firearms Maker

Firearms Maker focuses on crafting and repairing weapons. As a Firearm Maker, you can also upgrade your skills and make UMP9. You can choose to collect materials for your craft or buy them from the market. Note that some materials can only be obtained from miners, lumberjacks, and other resource collectors.

3Furniture Maker

With Furniture Maker’s skills, you can build or upgrade your structures. Of course, this is important to enhance your shelters and bases. However, leveling up this profession beyond a point is not really smart.


Lumberjack is one of the easiest professions in the game. As wood is present all over the map, you can take down trees and sell wood easily. However, as the game progresses, fewer people will need wood.


The Rifleman, Sniper, and Warrior are not-so-great professions. Out of those, Rifleman is a relatively useful occupation. In a combat situation, being a Rifleman will help you deal more damage and heals you a little. One of the Rifleman skills even cripples the skills of enemies.

A quick note—If you are not going to play PvP, then Sniper, Rifleman, and Warrior are of no use.

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