Lifeafter is a zombie survival MMORPG game where you will need to fight with a huge amount of different enemies. Sometimes in games like this players do face a lack of damage they deal. Killing enemies turns to be a real challenge and then becomes almost impossible. This guide will tell you how to increase your damage in Lifeafter.

How to Increase Damage in Lifeafter

Lifeafter is a game where you can face the lack of damage. It may end up with you being unable to defeat your enemies. In cases like this, there are few things you can do in order to increase your damage.

Your equipment is the most obvious way to improve your performance. Just get the items that follow your current level. You may need to update your weapons, attachments, or armor. Also, you should check for special traits that increase your damage. All of these create the core of your character and additional buffs may not work if your equipment is not up to date.

The second way to increase your damage in Lifeafter is different buffs. First of all, you may take something like Advance Antiseptic as it improves your damage to infected ones. Then you should pay attention to food and “energize” function.

Food is a source of good buffs in Lifeafter. There is a huge amount of different meals that provide you with variable buffs. Just find the one that improves your damage or fits better with your build and eat it. This is a very straight but effective way to improve your performance during combat.

The second way to increase your damage via temporary buffs is energized. It is a special effect you can apply to your weapon and it adds some traits including increased damage. These are the main ways you can use to increase your damage in Lifeafter. It should be enough till the very late game where you may need to create a specific build to beat some challenges.

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