How to Beat Stage 10-40 in Street Fighter: Duel

Stage 10-40 in Street Fighter: Duel
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If you thought clearing stage 9-40 was hard, wait until you see stage 10-40. This Street Fighter: Duel level will have you weep as you try to defeat some of the most powerful foes so far in the main campaign.

However, nothing is impossible if you have the right team build and high-tier characters with good gear. In this guide, you can learn how to beat stage 10-40 in Street Fighter: Duel and finally move on to chapter 11.

Street Fighter: Duel stage 10-40, explained

One Mad Ryu means trouble, but the ending of chapter 10 in Street Fighter: Duel has two of them—one boss and one as support. In addition to that, you have to defeat Abel, and there’s Decapre in the mix as well.

All enemies are level 136, with a total team power of 280k. Still, once you beat it, you get 11k Cash and 21k Fighter EXP.

How to beat stage 10-40 in Street Fighter: Duel

If you still can’t surpass the team power of 280k, despite all the leveling up and investing all your resources, it doesn’t mean you have to give up and grind until you get it. It is useful to get free resources via free Street Fighter: Duel codes, but you can still clear stage 10-40 with lower power levels and a carefully-selected team.

One of the team configurations that should get the job done consists of:

  • M. Bison
  • Mad Ryu (linked with Makoto)
  • Sakura (linked with Poison)
  • Elena

If you have all these heroes, make sure they’re at least level 120, so that you stand a chance against these enemies.

Planning your combo well is also important. We advise going for this combination: Mad Ryu, Sakura, Elena’s buff, and, to top it all off, M. Bison. You may want to turn off Auto and play on Manual, since you benefit from countering the enemy’s combos with your own right before they strike. For that reason, keep your eyes on the blue energy bar below the boss’s HP.

Of course, it is possible to approach this stage with another strategy and different heroes as well, but this is the best one we know so far. Let us know in the comments which team got you this difficult win, and feel free to explore the rest of our Street Fighter: Duel section for more assistance with the game.

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How to Beat Stage 10-40 in Street Fighter: Duel


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