Best Team Builds to Use in Street Fighter: Duel

Street Fighter Duel team build
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Fans of gacha RPG games and the Street Fighter franchise have a reason to rejoice. That is Street Fighter: Duel, a mobile RPG for Android and iOS users where you need to collect your favorite Street Fighter heroes and create the strongest team to beat all the enemies on the way.

Getting the best characters depends on how lucky you are when it comes to the gacha mechanics (or how many summoning resources you have), but there are optimal compositions if you can get them. Below is a guide to the best team builds to use in Street Fighter: Duel in two separate moments—the best team for beginners and the ultimate build with no limitations.

Best team build for beginners in Street Fighter: Duel

In Street Fighter: Duel, you can only add four fighters to your team, so you need to pick carefully. When you first start the game, you need to choose between Ken and Ryu. Your choice here will most likely be based on personal preference, as they are characters of similar strength.

During the tutorial, you recruit your first characters and get Ibuki and Sanji. While Ibuki is a valuable addition to your first team, Sanji should be replaced as soon as possible. The good thing is that you will also get a chance to do your first multi-summon at the end of the tutorial.

When you draw your first 10 cards, you should get at least one A-tier character, most likely Poison or Cammy. We recommend Poison because of her Whip of Love and Thunder Whip skills, even though Cammy’s ATK stats are a little bit higher. If you don’t get Poison, you can always re-roll and try again.

If you started playing Street Fighter: Duel during the global release event, you should also get the Server Launch Pack, which brings you one of twelve quite strong characters. Fingers crossed that you get Dhalsim, Blanka, Fei Long, or Guy, which you can use to replace Sanji.

So, to sum everything up, the best team build for the beginning of your Street Fighter: Duel journey would be:

  • Ken/Ryu
  • Ibuki
  • Poison
  • Dhalsim/Blanka/Fei Long/Guy

The ultimate team build in Street Fighter: Duel

If there were no limitations, and you could get the strongest characters easily, your team would probably look at least a little bit different from what we suggest for the beginning of the game.

Street Fighter: Duel brings a bunch of high-tier characters, but when picking the ideal team, you should also consider their factions and how they interact with different enemies. It is difficult to create one team that will work in every single situation, as you encounter different types of foes and need to strategize and switch your fighters regularly, but the list below should give you a good idea of which direction you can think in.

Therefore, the ultimate team build in Street Fighter: Duel in our opinion would be:

  • Chun-Li (Assassin)
  • Zangief (Tank)
  • M. Bison (Attack)
  • Elena (Support)

There you have the best team builds in Street Fighter: Duel. The best build for your team will also be a personal choice that might change over time, so let us know in the comments about who your preferred fighters are, and don’t skip our other Street Fighter: Duel guides.

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Best Team Builds to Use in Street Fighter: Duel


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