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Street Fighter: Duel Tier List

Street Fighter: Duel Tier List
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Street Fighter is one of the longest-running franchises in the gaming industry, and every time a new game comes out, loyal fans around the world are buzzing with excitement. Street Fighter: Duel brings the well-known and beloved characters from the series to Android and iOS mobile devices.

In this RPG gacha-style game, your task is to collect the best fighters and form a team that will prevail. And since there are many fighters that you can draw and spend your resources on, it’s best to know which ones are worth your time (and gems). Therefore, let’s dive into our Street Fighter: Duel tier list and find out who are the best of the best.

Street Fighter: Duel tier list

There are currently nearly 50 characters in Street Fighter: Duel, distributed among five different factions—Wind, Thunder, Flame, Infernal, and Master. More characters are likely to be added to the portfolio in the future, but for now, let’s explore which existing fighters would be the best additions to your team.

In our tier list, we go from categories S to D, with tier S including the top choices that you should include in your party as soon as possible, and then progressively going towards less and less impressive fighters, ending with D-tier characters that you should dismiss completely.

SGen, Rose, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Zangief
APoison, Juri, Guile, Abel, Cammy, Guy, Yun, E. Honda, Elena, Makoto, Dhalsim
BYang, T. Hawk, Blanka, Hugo, C. Viper, Adon, Decapre, Fei Long, Dee Jay, Dudley, Ibuki, Ryu, Ken
CCody, Rufus, Dan, Sakura, Hakan, Rolento
DHodi, Sanji, Gary, Philip, Ron, Bethany, Mech Seth, Akaebo, Patrick, Carolyn, Baldwin

S-tier characters in Street Fighter: Duel

When placing characters in different tiers in any game, you can go by your personal preferences, but there is no denying how powerful Gen and Rose are. They both belong to the Master faction, and while Rose’s class is Support, Gen is an Assassin with some great special skills like Zan’ei/Oga or Jyasen/Hyakurenko, which deal devastating damage. You can also upgrade him with the Gen-exclusive Sacred Tome and increase his stats even further, with an ATK bonus of 33% to his initial 414k!

Chun-Li is another Assassin that we can’t imagine a Street Fighter game without. She comes with 372k ATK, and thanks to her Reverse Whirlwind Kick, her DMG increases to 620% of her ATK power at Level 3.

M. Bison is our preferred Attack class representative, with 414k ATK and skills like Psycho Absorb and Psycho Impact. And, finally, our favorite Tank: the powerful Zangief, with 375k and Atomic Drop and Banishing Flat skills. He also comes with the Red Cyclone passive ability, that can significantly increase stat DMG reduction as he levels up.

As more characters get added to the game, rankings in our Street Fighter: Duel tier list may change, so stay tuned. If you’re not happy with the characters you get on your first multi-draw, you can try and reroll until you get one of these high-end team members.

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Street Fighter: Duel Tier List


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