How to Beat Stage 9-40 in Street Fighter: Duel

Stage 9-40 in Street Fighter: Duel
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Going through the main challenges in Street Fighter: Duel gets more and more difficult, and you will be forced, sooner or later, to rethink your strategy and team build. However, if you’re upgrading your heroes regularly and equipping them with the best gear, you should be fine in most cases.

Still, sometimes, there comes a stage that is so annoyingly difficult that it seems nothing you do gets you that win. The ending of the ninth chapter in the main campaign is that stage for many players. Therefore, in this guide, we show you how to beat stage 9-40 in Street Fighter: Duel with some neat tips and tricks.

Street Fighter: Duel—Stage 9-40 Explained

In stage 9-40 of Street Fighter: Duel, you will have to fight E. Honda (the boss), two Guile-lookalikes, and Abel. They are all level 126, and the whole team has the power of 213k. Your opponents are almost all from the Thunder faction, besides Abel who is Wind.

When you finally beat this stage, you will receive 11k Cash and 17k Fighter EXP and move on to chapter 10.

Street Fighter: Duel—How to Beat Stage 9-40

If you can bring the power level of your team above 213k, that would be a great start. If that is not attainable, you can still win this exhausting fight even if you haven’t crossed the 200k threshold yet. Regardless, it would be good if the heroes you use in this fight reach at least level 120 or higher, so make sure to use all the working Street Fighter: Duel codes to get enough resources for all those upgrades.

The combination of heroes on your team will be crucial for winning this stage. You can succeed with different variations, but we suggest using the following characters if possible:

  • Beast Zangief
  • Mad Ryu
  • Elena
  • Chun-Li (or whoever is your favorite or the strongest at the moment)

You can link Poison and Makoto in the background, but even more important is the combo you will use. Two Guile-looking enemies have a nasty combo of their own that will obliterate you if you don’t prevent it, and that’s why you should go with this particular combination of special moves—start with Zangief, put Elena in Combo 1, but then put Zangief in Combo 2 again. You can finish off the combo with Mad Ryu or somebody else, but having Zangief in Combo 2 is crucial.

Another element of winning this stage is timing. Turn the Auto feature off and go manual. Wait until the blue energy bar of the enemy fills almost completely and launch your combo. This is important because Zangief in Combo 2 will cancel the devastating enemy combination of moves that makes this stage so difficult. You will have to do this combo prevention with your own combo a few times so keep your eyes on the blue bar.

If you don’t get it on the first try, don’t stop, especially if you’re used to playing on Auto. Timing your combo properly may be challenging at first, but you should get it soon and finally finish this stage and chapter 9.

Let us know how it goes and get more help with other useful guides in our Street Fighter: Duel section on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Beat Stage 9-40 in Street Fighter: Duel


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