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How to get Mad Ryu in Street Fighter: Duel | Character Guide

How to get Mad Ryu in Street Fighter: Duel | Character Guide
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Street Fighter: Duel is a mobile action RPG featuring the iconic world warriors from the fighting game series Street Fighter. Build a team of fan favorite characters, then punch and kick your way through the bad guys!

To celebrate the launch of the game, there’s a 7-Day Growth event with a very special reward: Mad Ryu, the version of Ryu that has given into the Satsui no Hado. And you can learn how to get Mad Ryu with this Street Fighter: Duel character guide!

Getting Mad Ryu in Street Fighter: Duel

After you’ve completed the tutorial to Street Fighter: Duel, the main menu gets lots of different options and buttons. One of them is the 7-Day Growth event, which is the key to unlocking Mad Ryu.

As the name suggests, the 7-Day Growth event lasts for exactly a week after the game’s launch. With each passing day, a new set of missions unlocks, and you must complete them to get Mad Ryu.

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Entering the 7-Day Growth event menu, you can see three categories: growth missions, daily challenges, and daily packs. What you want to focus on are the growth missions, as completing them rewards you with Growth Medals.

The growth missions are objectives that you complete naturally as you progress through Street Fighter: Duel, such as leveling up a fighter to a certain level, recruiting a specific number of fighters, and so forth.

Each growth mission nets you 5 to 10 Growth Medals. Your accumulated Growth Medals can be seen in the progress bar, and you get a reward each time you hit a threshold. The reward for collecting 100 Growth Medals is Mad Ryu.

So, starting today, make sure you check into the game and see what growth missions you’ve got. Remember that you can’t complete the future growth missions until that day’s set unlocks!

That is how to get Mad Ryu in Street Fighter: Duel. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to get Mad Ryu in Street Fighter: Duel | Character Guide


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