How Plants and the Garden Work in Soul Knight

The Garden in Soul Knight is an area located at the left part of your base. It will be unlocked after you reached 2-1 for the first time in one of your runs. This is a very useful section and this guide will tell you about it.

The Garden in Soul Knight

The Garden in Soul Knight is a huge room with 8 special places called the Garden Plots. These serve as places where you can grow the Plant from Seeds you’ve found during your runs. Three of these Garden Plots will be opened from the beginning while other ones can be unlocked in different ways. The first two are available without real money investments in the game. The one is available through buying it with 5,000 gems and the other after you got “The Last Wall” achievement for defending 46 waves of monsters in The Origin game mode. The other 3 locked Plots are available only via buying them with real money. One of them for 1$, and two of them for 2$.

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Also, you can find a Panda pet that will follow you until you will start another run. It can be turned into your companion for this run if you will feed the Panda with a weapon that looks like a food or hammer.

Plants in Soul Knight

Despite all of this stuff with pandas, the main function of the Garden is growing Plants. To start this you will need to get some Seeds. Then you can place it into an empty Garden Plot. After that, you will need to use the Watering Can that is located in the Garden. If you want to remove the plant that you don’t need, then you can use another item that lies in the Garden, the Shovel.

There are lots of different plants. All of them can grow fast or slow and provide you with different bonuses. You can obtain resources, different buffs, pets, weapons, etc. The reward is based on the plant that you’ve grown. So don’t be afraid of experimentation and try to find out what will grow from the Seeds you’ve found.

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