How to Get and Grow a Red Spider Lily in Soul Knight

How to Get and Grow a Red Spider Lily in Soul Knight

Do you love run-and-gun shooters as much as we do? Then you have heard about Soul Knight and the stolen magic stones used to maintain the world balance. Right after the crime happened, the whole world started to fall into panic and chaos. So, the world needs a hero to find the bad guys and get the stones back. If you dare to do this, you will need to reach the bottom of the dungeon and find a magic stone there.

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No time to have a rest! Explore the surroundings, pick up all the crazy weapons you find on your way. Shoot them all up while successfully dodging all the bullets. Have fun!

​A Red Spider Lily: The Instruction How to Get and Grow It

Together with the Snow Lotus and Golden Mushroom, Red Spider Lily is a plant that has been added in the 2.7.0 update. If you want to obtain it, watch the Headless Knight as he is the one who occasionally drops it. After getting the Red Spider Lily, make sure to plant its seed in the Garden. You will need to water it just once. The Red Spider Lily takes one day to grow. If you are lucky to get and harvest it, it will give you the buff “Increase the effectiveness of pets and followers.” Still, we need to warn you that the plant is not reusable and lasts only for one game.

Now you know all to get and grow a Red Spider Lily in Soul Knight. Are you as excited as we are? Then go and get the plant!

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How to Get and Grow a Red Spider Lily in Soul Knight


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