Soul Knight: How to Unlock the Robot

Playing Soul Knight, you have probably noticed that there is a disassembled robot lying near the room where the seller is. Approaching it, the character will hint that it is possible to fix it. Yes, you can fix it. 

True, you have to try hard to do this. The fact is that to assemble the robot, you will need 20 parts and 20 batteries. And for this, you will also need an engineer. Besides this, the game has a so-called Free Trial Voucher, which allows you to open a closed character for one battle. But it is better to open the engineer after you collect all the missing parts. In this guide, we will give you all the necessary details.

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How to Fix a Robot in Soul Knight

Let’s talk about the parts first. They can be collected from a gear plant. For this, you need to open a garden after getting to levels 2-1. Also, they can be found in chests in the dungeon, or buy at home from a merchant for gems. Sometimes the details can be found in these places (screenshot below). But be ready to fight the cannon if you want to get them.

Batteries and trial vouchers can be obtained in a similar manner. The voucher can also be obtained by entering the SUPER5 secret code in the settings.

If you don’t feel like spending real money to buy an engineer, then a trial voucher will help you out.

After that, you will be able to assemble the robot.

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