The Reforged Sacred Sword is one of the many weapons in Soul Knight that does not spawn randomly in the game, nor players can craft it. It is one of the rare weapons in Soul Knight that deals good damage and has a good critical chance, and can even stun the enemies momentarily. In this article, we will talk about how to get the Reforged Sacred Sword in Soul Knight

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How to Get the Reforged Sacred Sword

In Soul Knight, players can get the Reforged Sacred Sword by merging the two common weapons, namely the Broken Hilt and the Damaged Blade.

Soul Knight Codes

Broken Hilt is a commonly found weapon in Soul Knight and if you have been playing the game for a while, you might already have a few Broken Hilt on you.

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As a weapon, the Broken Hilt is as useless as me playing strategy games. Jokes aside, apart from using it as a merging item to get the Reforged Sacred Sword, players have literally no use of the Broken Hilt. It sure is used as a weapon, but it does little to no damage.

Similarly, the Damaged Blade is yet another commonly found weapon in Soul Knight. The only good thing about the damaged blade other than the fact that it is used to make the Reforged Sacred Sword is that it is a throwable weapon.

Once you have the two aforementioned weapons, you can merge them to get the Reforged Sacred Sword.

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