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Genshin Impact: Sakura Arborism Quest Guide

Genshin Impact: Sakura Arborism Quest Guide

After the Inazuma update for Genshin Impact, a brand new territory called islands of Inazuma was added to the game. Players got access to secrets and mysteries of the new region and here is the guide on one of its quests, Sakura Arborism.

How to Start Sakura Arborism Quest in Genshin Impact

To start the Sakura Arborism quest in Genshin Impact the player needs to travel to Kannazuka Island. After the adventurer reached the island, he or she will need to go to Kujou Encampment. There is an NPC named Miyuki and after a short talk, she will give you the quest.

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Sakura Arborism Quest Guide

The first task is to investigate a treasure hoarder camp. Follow the marker and you will find some treasure hoarders near an inactive Electro Hypostasis. You need to beat hoarders and interrogate the last one. His name is Hideaki. He will tell you about juvenile antics left on five Thunder Sakura trees. Go back to Miyuki and tell her about this.

After reporting back to Miyuki, the player is asked to remove juvenile antics from Thunder Sakura trees. It is a difficult part because all of them but the first tree are unmarked on your map. You will need to find them all on your own.

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To remove antics from trees you will need just to approach Thunder Sakura and take this thing from it. But, there is a little problem. Sakura strikes everything around it with lightning. To turn off this you will need to find three elemental circles around the tree. Once you did it you can remove juvenile antic.

After you removed all antic, go back to Miyuki. She will ask you to investigate the hoarders’ camp one more time. There you will find Fatui members. Defeat them and report back to Miyuki and Hideaki. After a short conversation the last opponent will appear, the Electro Hypostasis. After you win this fight the quest will be over and the reward will be given. It is 500 Adventurer’s Exp, 4 Hero’s Wit, and 60 Primogems.

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Genshin Impact: Sakura Arborism Quest Guide


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