Genshin Impact Old Tastes Die Hard Quest

Old Tastes Die Hard is one of the many world quests in Genshin Impact that players can find whilst explore the open world of Teyvat. In this quest, players have to give an old dish from Liyue cuisine to an NPC – Mr. Zhu. Genshin Impact offers a plethora of world quests, some of them are short and easy, while some require a lot of effort.

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On the bright side, Old Tastes Die Hard quest is a short and easy quest that rewards players with one of the most useful food items recipe – Zhongyuan Chop Suey that decreases all party members’ climbing and sprinting Stamina consumption by 20% for 900s.

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Genshin Impact Old Tastes Die Hard world quest official description says, “Emerald Maple’s Mr. Zhu is feeling nostalgic for an old delicacy. He’s looking for someone to help bring that flavor back to him.”

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And, as you guessed that someone who Mr. Zhu is looking for is none other than us(the players). So, without any further ado, let us check out how Genshin Impact players can tackle Old Tastes Die Hard world quest without any hassle.

Genshin Impact: How to get Zhongyuan Chop Suey

As mentioned earlier, to get the Zhongyuan Chop Suey recipe – players have to complete the world quest Old Tastes Die Hard in Genshin Impact.

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To trigger the quest, Visit Mr. Zhu’s restaurant located out in the boonies – Go the star-marked location.

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Talk to Mr. Zhu to start the quest Old Tastes Die Hard.

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He will ask you to bring an old favorite dish of his called “Sweetened Mistress”. Though that is not the case, he actually doesn’t remember the exact name of the dish – and this is what makes this quest a daunting task for many of the new players. But, don’t you worry as we have got you covered.

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The dish Mr. Zhu is looking for is “Sweet Madame”, the players have access to this dish since the beginning of the game.

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Right behind Mr. Zhu – there is a cooking pot. Use it to cook Sweet Madame.

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Hand the perfectly cooked dish to Mr. Zhu to complete the quest.

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Now, you finally have a great dish recipe – Zhongyuan Chop Suey, alongside other rewards such as 150 Adventure XP, 20 Primogems, and 20K Mora.

Image Credit – Hritwik, miHoYo

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