Genshin Impact Unlimited Meat cheat
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Raw meat is one of the most important, if not the most important cooking ingredient in Genshin Impact. It is an item that players can obtain by killings boars, foxes(Yeah! Genshin Impact do have foxes), snow foxes, and squirrels. Raw meant is used in crafting cooking items that range from common to rare. And, with an unlimited supply of raw meat in Genshin Impact – players can literally exploit the food items in the game – making this work like a Genshin Impact cheat.

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To start with this Genshin Impact glitch, make sure you have completed the Fishing for Jade” world quest and Ganyu’s story quest “Sinae Unicornis Chapter“. Moreover, the players should be at adventure rank 40 or above. Once these pre-requisites are met, go to Liyue Harbor and take the “Return of the Jade Chamber?” world quest.

Image Credit – itsPaikon

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How to get unlimited boar’s raw meat in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Triple-Layered Consommé
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The Return of the Jade Chamber quest in Genshin Impact asks players to talk to three NPCs, namely Jifang, Qingzhou, and Master Lu. Talk to the first two and complete the task given by them, after that go talk to Master Lu – he will ask you to chase the boars away.

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Now, this is the exact part where players can glitch an almost unlimited supply of raw meat in Genshin Impact.

Step 1.) Go to the marked location and kill the boar.

Step 2.) Quickly disconnect your internet – you need the reconnecting ring to appear. To hasten this process try attacking after turning off your internet connection.

Step 3.) When the reconnecting rings appears – connect to internet and you will see the boars have respawned at the same location.

Step 4.) Repeat steps 1 to 3 again and again to get yourself an unlimited supply of boar meat.

All thanks to the Youtuber itspaikon for showing us this glitch. Check out his video – that showcases the same aforementioned process.

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