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Genshin Impact: A Thousand Questions With Paimon Event–All Questions and Answers

Genshin Impact: A Thousand Questions With Paimon Event–All Questions and Answers
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Earlier Today, Genshin Impact commenced one of the last events of update 1.1 called “A Thousand Questions With Paimon“. In this new event, players have to answer 10 questions related to the game. And with each successful answer, the players are rewarded with 5k Mora.

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Genshin Impact’s – A Thousand Questions With Paimon” event starts today, and it will end on December 20, 2020. And each day players can earn around 50k Mora – quite a lucrative offer for players who want some extra mora for upgrading their characters.

Genshin Impact: All Questions and Answers for “A Thousand Questions With Paimon” Event

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The new event A Thousand Questions With Paimon asks 10 random questions from the Travelers – upon correct response players get 5k Mora for each answer as a reward.

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We have gathered a list of questions – answer that we got during the event quiz, moreover, we have also gathered questions and their answers from the internet. From now on we will be updating Genshin Impact’s “A Thousand Questions With Paimon Quiz Event” questions and answers and we request the Genshin Impact community to post any new questions that you find in the comments down below. So, that we can update the list.

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A Thousand Questions With Paimon – All Answers
1How many Elemental Resonance can be there in a team?2
2Bubu Pharmacy owner in Liyue is?Baizhu
3When fighting a Ruin Guard, we can attack its weak spots to cause it to enter a state of paralysis. How many weak spots does a Ruin Guard have?2
4Which of the following statements about Dvalin’s “Caelestinum Finale Termini” ability is false?Using a wind glider to glide above the cracked platforms will cause characters to suffer DMG.
5Which of the following statements about the Geo Traveler’s Elemental Skill, Starfell Sword, are false?We can hold the Elemental Skill to stack one Meteorite on top of another.
6Which of the following items can you obtain from the Unusual Hilichurl?Cabbage
7In Jean’s Story Quest, “Leo Minor Chapter,” what is the name of Margaret’s lost cat?Prince
8What do Cecilias represent in the language of flowers?True feeling of the prodigal son
9Fatui Skirmishers will empower themselves in battle, and these empowerments must be removed to defeat them quickly. Of the following interactions, which one is the least efficient?Electrohammer Vanguard – use Pyro DMG
10Which of the following will not allow you to obtain Shrine of Depths KeysCompleting a Story Quest
11Which of the following statements is true of the Childe Boss Fight?This can be done in Co-op Mode
12Which of the following is a signature dish at Wangshu Inn?Almond Tofu
13Xinyan is Liyue Harbor’s sole _________ MusicianRock ‘n’ Roll
14Which of the following regional specialties can be obtained from Stormterror’s Lair?Windwheel Aster
15Which of the following statements about Elemental Reactions is false?Anemo can trigger a Swirl reaction with Geo
16What is Diona’s Constellation called?Feles
17How many types of Hydro Mimics can the Oceanid summon in total?8 types
18“Currently, each Shrine of Depths can only be opened once, and cannot be reset” — is this statement true?True
19 Which of the following characters is unable to destroy the rock pillars that the Geo Hypostasis: Gimel summons?Venti
20How many Elemental Resonances can a single party have active at once?2
21How many members does Benny’s Adventure Team have?1
22In Liyue, there is a plant that carefully listens to people’s singing. That plant is called:Glaze Lily
23“The constructs that Zhongli, Ningguang, and the Geo Traveler summon can all be climbed” – Is this statment true?False
24How many Ley Line challenges can exist in Mondstadt and Liyue at any one time?4
25Can two characters of the same element activate an Elemental Resonance in Co-Op Mode?Yes
26What reaction will occur when a Pyro Elemental Attack is used against Anemo Hypostasis: Beth?Swirl
27What is the name of the hotel where the Fatui diplomats were staying during Mondstadt’s Stormterror issue?Goth Grand Hotel
28Which of the following is not one of the Cryo Regisvine’s weak points?Petals
29Which of the following statements about Elemental Reactions is true?The Burning reaction itself deals DMG
30Which of the following monsters will not emerge from a Blossom of Revelation challenge?Unusual Hilichurl
31From which of these locations can Musk Reef be reached via a black hole.Cape Oath
32What is the name of the Anemo Hypostasis?Beth
33Attacking a Geo Slime not infused by Geo with Geo attacks will deal DMGFalse
34Which of the following areas do not contain any Philanemo Mushrooms?Wolvendom
35Which of the following is the customary Hilichurl greeting?Olah!
36Which of the following locations does not belong to the Mondstadt region?Nantianmen
37Which of the following characters is not a bard from Mondstadt?Qingzhou
38What is Amber the champion of in Mondstadt?Gliding
39Childe is which of the Following Harbingers?11th Harbinger
40Which of the following characters is the most suitable counter to Electro Hypostatis: Aleph?Xiangling
41“Cryo attacks can destroy Pyro Abyss Mage shields at the same rate as Hydro attacks” – is this statement true?False
42Which of the following Book Collections was written by Klee’s mother, Alice?Teyvat Travel Guides
43Kaeya in party reduces sprinting stamina?True
44Which of the following statements is false?You can attack Oceanic directly to do damage

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