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Full Metal Monsters: Best Setup for Every Dinosaur

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

For all of you wondering what some of the best combinations you could do in game are, then look no further because in our article today we’ll tell you all about the best setup for every dinosaur in Full Metal Monsters!

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So if you have been trying and trying, you might have discovered a few already; but if you haven’t made any good combos yet, then we are going to tell you all of the best weapon setups for the dinosaurs so you can become super powerful!

First of all, you should check out our previous articles about the best dinosaurs in Full Metal Monsters and the best weapons in game! After you did so, you can choose a dinosaur that you like and check its setup right here! So, are you ready? Then let’s dive right into it!

Best weapons for Scavenger – Velociraptor:

– Don’t dwell too much on this one, because you will only keep it for the very early stages of the game. It will come with the default weapon, the Rotary Gun, so it’s not worth upgrading the dino or the weapon too much.

Best weapons for Chaser – Dilophosaurus:

– This dinosaur can work in many ways, but it is not as strong as we would probably wish it would be. It can work decently with Heavy Revolver Gun or Heavy V-Rocket Launcher, but you need to be careful.

I have played with Chaser with the Heavy V-Rocket Launcher quite a lot, and even though I haven’t got a lot of kills, I have dealt a ton of damage and helped my team take down the enemies. Now it all depends on positioning and how you choose to use Chaser’s dash ability, because it can either put you in danger, or take you to safety.

Best weapons for Raider – Pterodactylus:

– Since Raider is such a fun to play dinosaur, I chose the Revolver Gun so I can try to take on the enemies face-on, even though Raider isn’t a tank. Even if I got quite a few kills, I have also died, so I can say that it went… OK-ish.

If you want to make even better use of Raider, I suggest using the Homing System, because that way you can have a lot of fun sniping the enemies from above while dodging their projectiles. 

Best weapons for SL-R5 – Utahraptor:

– This dinosaur, even if it goes on ground, could work well with the  Heavy V-Rocket Launcher as well as with the Tesla Gun and Shell Cannon. Since, like I said, it all depends on how you choose to play, I suggest trying out different styles. 

SL-R5 will allow that because it is a little tanky, but also has a jump which can help you avoid some fatal damage. 

Best weapons for Vulture Mk4 – Pteranodon:

– Now for the Vulture Mk4 all I can say is that he works good with the Rotary Gun as well as with the Revolver Gun. Since this dinosaur has maxed out Speed, you can go in and out while shooting, even if you take a hit or two.

Vulture Mk4’s regenerative abilities will allow you to regen while you aren’t taking damage, so if you want to fly over the enemies and shoot them down, this could work pretty good.

Best weapons for Invader Mk3 – Ornithocheirus:

– The Invader Mk3 works exactly like Vulture Mk4 in terms of best weapons, so it could be either the Rotary Gun or the Revolver Gun – it’s up to you. 

Unlike the Vulture Mk4, Invader Mk3 doesn’t have regen, but it has stealth. So you can try a similar tactic as with the Vulture, but try to dodge the enemy attacks more!

Best weapons for Stormherald – Quetzalcoatlus:

– Like I mentioned in the best dinosaurs article, I don’t recommend using this one. But if you insist, the weapon you could associate with Stermherald could be the V-Rocket Launchers. Another one could, of course, be the Homing System.

Best weapons for Predator Mk1 – Allosaurus:

– For the Predator Mk1 you could easily choose the V-Rocket Launcher or the Shell Cannon, but the Tesla Gun or Rocket Launcher could work too, depending on your play style. 

This dinosaur is armored and can move pretty fast, but if you haven’t made many upgrades yet, you couldn’t pull off the Shell Cannon as well as the V-Rocket Launcher – so if you are looking for some (really) safe ways of dealing with the enemies, Rocket Launcher is the way to go – else, the V-Rocket Launcher.

Best weapons for Breaker Mk7 – Pachycephalosaurus:

– The same weapons as the Predator Mk1: V-Rocket Launcher all the way! But since I don’t prefer this dinosaur that much, I would rather skip using it. 

Best weapons for Hunter – Allosaurus:

– Hunter could work wondering with the starting weapon, the Rotary Gun, as well as with the Revolver Gun. Since Hunter can jump, it could be relatively easy to dodge incoming enemy attacks and escape with your life!

Best weapons for Keeper – Iguanodon:

– Now Keeper is one dinosaur that I suggest you use until you can unlock better ones. It has pretty decent stats, so Revolver Gun and Shell Cannon can both work wonders on it.

Keeper can also work well with some team mates that are using Precision Rifle or Artillery Launcher, because he can root the enemies in place while the rest of the team launch the directed attacks that way. 

So in other words, even if Keeper isn’t a tank per se, he can act as a bait and root the enemy in place for the rest of the team to do the clean up.

Best weapons for MRD-R3 – Quetzalcoatlus:

– For all the avian dinosaurs fans out there (myself included), you should try MRD-R3, because it is one of the most fun to play. Pair it up with a Shell Cannon or a V-Rocket Launcher, and you can have fun while tormenting the enemies from above.

Because MRD-R3 can regen and also stun the enemy, it could be quite a lot of fun to get close to them, thinking that they can take you on, only to discover that they got stunned and your whole team is upon them. 

Best weapons for Behemoth – Pentaceratops:

– Behemoth goes hand in hand with the Artillery Launcher and Heavy Artillery Launcher, as he is one quick and ranged badass dino. 

You should focus on setting up the Artillery Launcher, while your team is distracting the enemy and hopefully stunning them. 

Best weapons for Pursuer – Spinosaurus:

– Just like the name suggests, Pursuer will pursue you through and through. Equip Pursuer with the Homing System and the Precision Rifle, and you can snipe them down from halfway across the map. 

Well, since the Homing System will chase them down, you can use that together with your Precision Rifle, and why not – even the Artillery Launcher. Try them all out and see which works the best for you.

Best weapons for BLW-RK1 – Ankylosaurus: 

– Since BLW-RK1 is a heavily armored dinosaur, you can go two ways without losing anything: either full DPS using the Revolver Gun, or Shell Cannon, if you want to do DPS but also want to distract the enemies away from your team. 

Either one you choose, you can’t really go wrong. Both of the weapon choices got a lot of damage input, so only because you have that extra armor, you can afford to try out different ways.

Best weapons for Impaler Mk2 – Triceratops:

– For this heavily armored dino you will want a ton of damage, because it has a pretty good speed (and amazing range) compared to others around its stats. I suggest getting the Rotary Gun or Revolver Gun, and if you want to get closer to the enemy, get the V-Rocket Launcher. 

This little baddie can AoE stun the enemies, so being in the front line would be a great asset for your team, especially if they know how to play properly. 

Best weapons for Sentinel – Brontosaurus:

– If you wanted to play a purely sniper dino, this is the one for you. While it sucks at speed and HP, the damage and, especially the range, are pretty good. That’s why one of the must haves of Sentinel should be the Precision Rifle. 

While positioning yourself pretty back behind your allies, aim at the enemies which don’t have any cover and snipe them down. Another weapon which could work well is the Artillery Launcher for the AoE (especially if you have an Impaler on your team), or the Plasma Rifle, but that’s not as good. 

Best weapons for SDV-RN2 – Tyrannosaurus:

– The mighty T-Rex can go stomp the enemy territory because of the decent armor it has, but for that you will need either lots of DPS or good doging skills. Equip SDV-RN2 with the Shell Cannon (or Rotary Gun / Revolver Gun, but slightly less damage) and you are one force to be reckoned with.

Best weapons for DFN-DR4 – Stegosaurus:

– Now for the DFN-DR4 I would suggest using the Homing System, Revolver Gun or Shell Cannon, but I don’t expect you to use this one as much once you have unlocked SDV-RN2. Anyway, if you go for the Shell Cannon for maximum damage, it could be fun! 

These would conclude our picks for the best setups in Full Metal Monsters! Do you have some more unique setups? Something that could work better than what we have picked? Share them below and tell us why, because we’re always curious to try out new stuff!

Also, if you are new to the game, don’t forget to take a look at our game guide right here and learn how to take down the enemies as quickly as possible! 

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