Full Metal Monsters Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Enemies

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In today’s article we will tell you all of our Full Metal Monsters tips and cheats to help you on the battlefields, as well as how you can defeat all the opponents you might face. If you like shooters, mecha and dinosaurs then how about all of them together? 

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That’s right, mecha plated dinosaurs and heavy weapons is what this game is all about. You will have to run around in a big arena, shoot down your enemies, but keep upgrading your battle dinosaur continuously to keep up with the tougher enemies! 

Sounds exciting enough, right? But you know that already because you’re here for our Full Metal Monsters tips and tricks – so let’s not waste another second and dive right into it!

Get used to the controls

Firstly and most importantly you need to get used to the controls. You will have to control your dinosaur in order to fight, so you need to see how you can do that most naturally. And that starts right with the movements.

Use your left hand to walk around and get used to the controls, and the right hand to aim. There will be a green outline of a target in the middle of the screen, which indicates where you need to aim. 

I suggest that you practice walking left and right while changing the aim continuously, because that’s what you will need to do in the game after all.

Don’t be a target dummy

Whenever a new match begins you will have to shoot down all the enemies. That means that you need to shoot as well! A good way to survive easier and to take on the enemies is to become their biggest nightmare! 

How – you might ask? Well, by being untargettable. You should move constantly and not sit in one spot waiting for them to aim at you and take you down. Whenever you move, they will have to move their target and thus change constantly. 

I suggest that you move constantly in one direction so that the enemies aiming at you will not land a hit, because if you were to move left – right (which you could do as well, of course) you might end up walking right into the shooting range. 

Get new dinosaurs and upgrade them

You can unlock new dinosaurs either by leveling up or by purchasing them. There will be a new dino unlocked for each level, up to level 19. So if you want to unlock new ones, leveling is the way to go. 

If you choose to purchase the dinosaurs, you can unlock some more unique ones, but you don’t have to do that in order to become good at the game. 

Once you unlocked new dinosaurs you can start upgrading them. By upgrading the dinosaurs you can improve them, increase their HP and damage, so it can make a huge difference.

Let’s take for example an enemy who has a level 1 Chaser and an enemy who has a level 5 Chaser. It’s obvious that you might be able to take on the level 1 one much, much easier than it would be to face the level 5 one. 

I suggest that you level up to level 4 ASAP and start upgrading SL-R5, because that one has some Shield as well! Afterwards, Invader Mk3 (unlocked at level 6) is super good, so unlock it too! 

Once you get those, you are pretty much set. Of course, as you level up you can unlock more, but it’s not absolutely necessary in order to win. 

Watch an ad to shorten the upgrade time

When you start upgrading a dinosaur you will notice it takes time – increasingly more time! For each new level you upgrade your dinosaur you will have to spend more and more time (and E-Cells), and that can be quite painful sometimes. 

But the game developers knew that, and added an option to help us out – by watching an advertisement you can shorten that time by 20 minutes. Of course, you can spend D-Crystals too, but it’s quite expensive to get them back, so you better rely on the ads and waiting alone. 

How to get E-Cells and D-Crystals for free?

You can receive free premium currency by simply watching an advertisement! Sounds exciting enough – right? Well, if you find yourself short on E-Cells, you can get 20000 for free for simply watching a short ad. The same goes for D-Crystals: you can receive 12 of them by watching an ad!

I suggest that you watch them, especially the ones needed for D-Crystals, because you will need them later on, trust me. Every single one will come in handy, so it’s worth the time spent on watching ads.

Buy weapons and upgrade them! 

Just like the dinosaurs, you can unlock new weapons by leveling up. It will help you quite a lot when defeating the enemies, so the better equipment (weapons) you have, the better! They will also take time, so make sure you do the upgrades when you are taking a break from the game.

Unlock at least one extra Rider

The more Riders you have, the better – it will allow you to have more dinosaurs in the game. I suggest that you unlock the second Rider ASAP because it only costs 10 D-Crystals, and that will come in handy more than you think! 

Stay with your team mates

Another useful battle trick is to stay close to your team mates. Preferably it would be to keep a “safe” distance between you and them, because the enemy will try to aim at your team mates first, and if you happen to be behind them, you might take a shot or two. 

Try staying close to your team mates, but try not to be right behind them, but rather on the side a little (so the bullets will miss you). 

Use the terrain to your advantage

Unfortunately it will not work to just stay in a single spot and keep shooting – because the enemies can see your health bar if you try to hide. What you can do however is use the terrain to your advantage. 

Hide behind the bigger boxes and walls and come out when you know that your enemy is within range so you can shoot them. Also, don’t forget to keep moving at all times! 

These would be all of our Full Metal Monsters tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more cool and useful battle tips to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below! 

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Full Metal Monsters Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Enemies

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